The Ultimate Guide to Wayne County Divorces

Divorce Settlement Agreement The Ultimate Guide to Wayne County Divorces

All You Should Know About Wayne County Divorces

Before filing for divorce in Michigan, or more precisely, in Wayne County, you must be familiar with all the standards and rules you should adhere to.

In this guide, we will teach you what Wayne County divorces look like, how much they cost, and what divorce papers you should prepare. If you and your partner opt for an amicable separation without a lawyer, we will show you how to get a personalized divorce settlement agreement in a snap by subscribing to DoNotPay!

What To Keep in Mind Before Getting a Wayne County Divorce

You or your spouse must be a Michigan resident for at least six months and a Wayne County resident for at least ten days to get a divorce in Wayne County.

There’s only one divorce ground in this county—marriage problems that destroy the objects of the union and aren’t likely to be fixed. Since Michigan is a no-fault divorce state, the plaintiff isn’t obliged to provide evidence for their spouse’s misconduct. The petition must be handled by the Wayne County Clerk of Courts.

The couple can opt for a friendly divorce, in which case they can agree on all divorce terms and conditions out of court and avoid hearings. This type of separation is called an uncontested divorce, and it’s the easiest way to finalize the procedure.

If spouses have different ideas that can’t be negotiated, they have to go to court and let the judge decide about all the crucial divorce aspects in their stead. Such a procedure is called a contested divorce.

The cost of a divorce without children in Wayne County is $175.00, while the divorce procedure involving children costs $255.00.

What Are the Wayne County Divorce Forms?

When filing for divorce in Wayne County, the basic forms that must be completed are the same as in the rest of Michigan counties, such as Oakland County. These include:

  1. Complaint for Divorce—It’s an official petition whose purpose is to start the divorce process. It must contain the essential info about spouses, the reason for the dissolution of marriage, and the list of all the property that should be allocated. This document should also involve the plaintiff’s requests regarding child custody and support and alimony (spousal support)
  2. Summons
  3. Proof of Service Form
  4. Waiver/Suspension of Fees—if applicable

It’s quite important to know that the plaintiff can’t serve divorce papers to the other party—the defendant—personally. They can appoint another adult person of their choice not involved in the case or hire a private process server.

Issues Discussed During the Divorce in Wayne County, Michigan

Here are some significant aspects that must be discussed in divorce papers:

Child custodyIf the parents can negotiate the custody terms, the agreement they make becomes enforceable right away. If not, the court must decide about the rules by considering several factors, such as:

  • Moral fitness of both parents
  • Relationship between the parents and the child
  • Parents’ ability to provide love, education, and a good life to the child
  • Mental and physical health of both parents
  • Child’s reasonable preference
  • Potential cases of domestic violence

Michigan requires divorcing parents to take up Parenting Classes to learn how to help their children cope with divorce and how to co-parent

Child supportChild support in Michigan covers:

  • Childcare
  • Education
  • Medical insurance

To determine the exact support amount should be calculated based on the Income Shares Model and Michigan Child Support Formula

Spousal supportIn Wayne County, both spouses have the right to request alimony, but in most cases, it’s allocated to the person who has the lower income. The choice may also depend on:

  • Age
  • Health condition
  • Marriage length
  • Ability to pay alimony
  • Amount of property
  • Reasonable needs
  • Living standards
Property divisionDivorcing couples are free to agree on their own property allocation terms and conditions. If they achieve a mutual decision, the judge will revise it and approve their agreement. If not, the court will decide by taking the following factors into account:

  • Age
  • Marriage duration
  • Property sources
  • Physical and mental health
  • Separate property of each party
  • Spouses’ abilities to earn and their contribution to acquiring the mutual property

If the couple can’t negotiate these issues amicably, they should hire a mediator. This person should be able to help the spouses find a solution that will be acceptable for both.

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