How to Pursue Waste Management Lawsuits

How to Pursue Waste Management Lawsuits

Waste Management is a publicly traded company that is headquartered in Texas. It is under the waste management and environmental services industry. To date, it has 309 recorded violations and a total dollar amount of damages of $515,816,357 since 2000. The company's most common offenses include financial, employment-related, environment-related, and safety-related.

In this article, we will disclose some of the most infamous Waste Management lawsuits and the dollar amount of damages that it has paid. We will also introduce you to a more streamlined process of filing a lawsuit against big companies such as Waste Management using .

Notorious Waste Management Lawsuits

Waste Management is an environmental services provider based in Houston, Texas. Their services include collection, transportation, treatment, disposal, and monitoring and regulation of the waste management process. Waste Management has been involved in several lawsuits from 2000 until 2020. The company’s most common offenses included environmental violations, wage and hour violations, and many others. The table below shows a summary of their most notorious offenses:

Type of ViolationAgencyDamages
Aviation safety violationsFederal Aviation Administration (FAA)$27,500
Benefit plan administrator violationsPrivate lawsuit in federal court$1,000,000
Environmental violationsUnited States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)$5,500 - $3,330,750
Various state’s Attorney General’s office$17,000 - $1,750,000
Various state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and ENV$5,000 - $2,477,912
California Air Resources Board (ARB)$75,000 - $1,011,000
California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC)$30,485 - $311,194
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (DPHE)$7,350 - $14,000
Family and Medical Leave Act violationsLabor Department Wage and Hour Division (WHD)$9,576 - $40,000
Investor protection violationsConnecticut Attorney General’s office$457,000,000
Labor relations violationsNational Labor Relations Board (NLRB)$5,000 - $204,188
Motor vehicle safety violationsFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)$6,390
Wage and hour violationsLabor Department Wage and Hour Division (WHD)$6,526 - $244,999
Private lawsuit in state court$7,000,000 - $15,000,000
Massachusetts Attorney General’s office$340,000 - $809,000
Kentucky Department of Workplace Standards (DWS)$27,399
Work visa violationsU.S. Attorney-Southern District of Texas$5,500,000
Workplace safety or health violationsOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)$5,000 - $70,450

Suing Waste Management for Odor Emissions

Stony Hollow Landfill is Waste Management’s landfill in Dayton that was established via a contract with Montgomery county. Over the years, there have been disputes around the balance of payments to the county and sanitary sewer overflow events. But the most notable of all these federal cases was the one that involved an odor issue in 2016. The specifics of the odor emissions case were as follows:

  • Residents in Jefferson Township, Kettering, Miamisburg, Moraine, Oakwood, and other places complained of odor emissions from Stony Hollow Landfill
  • A class-action lawsuit was filed against Waste Management that sought the company to compensate residents $1.875 million
  • The settlement also mandated the company to invest $1.45 million to eliminate the potential for odor emissions

Fair Credit Reporting Act Violation Lawsuit

In 2019, Waste Management Inc. of Florida and Waste Management National Services Inc. were sued in a class-action lawsuit represented by Josh Twardosky. The lawsuit alleged Waste Management of violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The specifics of the class action lawsuit were as follows:

  1. Twardosky was previously employed by Waste Management Inc. of Florida.
  2. The plaintiff alleged that Waste Management procured a consumer report on him which was a violation of FCRA.
  3. The defendants deny that the FCRA disclosure and authorization form violated the FCRA.

Waste Management’s High Acres Landfill Lawsuit

In 2018, plaintiff James D'Amico filed a class-action lawsuit against the Waste Management of New York. The case involved the company's High Acres Landfill in Fairport with claims of nuisance, negligence, and odor emissions. The specifics of the Waste Management lawsuit were as follows:

  • Waste Management New York was to pay the plaintiff 1.3 million in damages
  • Waste Management was required to invest an additional $1 million to improve the landfill including the following:
    • Installing a gas collection system and waste mass dewatering pumps and control
    • Installing synthetic alternate daily cover systems
    • Establishing additional water- and vapor-based odor control misting system

How to Sue Waste Management With DoNotPay

If you or someone you know has suffered injustice from Waste Management, the best way to seek damages is to file a lawsuit in small claims court. Since it's in small claims, it levels the playing ground between you and large companies such as Waste Management and you don’t have to worry about expensive lawyer fees. However, as with any lawsuit, there is a lot of bureaucracy involved and the filing of forms and demand letters. That is where DoNotPay can help. Our robot lawyer simplifies the filing process and has been helping users go after big firms such as airlines, insurance companies, ATT, Verizon, Uber, and many others. To file with , all you have to do is:

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