How to Shop Walmart and Earn Cash Back

Get Cash Back How to Shop Walmart and Earn Cash Back

How to Shop Walmart and Earn Cash Back

As one of the biggest retailers in the world, Walmart has an enormous footprint due to the sheer volume of products they sell. You can also tap into some excellent Walmart cashback rewards through the official Walmart credit card, opening the door to hundreds of dollars in annual savings. To make the whole process as easy as possible, DoNotPay can get you started and make sure you earn all the rewards that you qualify for.

What You Need to Know About Walmart Cashback Rewards

Available via Capital One and MasterCard, the Walmart Rewards Card can give you 5% cashback on a large range of different purchases. Consider these key metrics before applying:

Cash Back5% online; 2% in-store, restaurants, travel, and gas stations; 1% for everything else
Cash Back Match x2No
Can I Redeem Rewards for Cash?Yes
Do Cash Back Rewards Expire?No
Annual FeeNo

Although there is no cashback matching program, 5% back on all Walmart online purchases for your first 12 months can easily mean hundreds of dollars in cash rewards. You can also get 2% back at gas stations, restaurants, travel-related purchases, and everything you buy in-store.

There's even a workaround for in-store purchases by using Walmart Pay, the relatively new touchless payment option. If you use your Capital One Walmart Credit Card and then checkout with the Walmart Pay app, you will get 5% cashback on all in-store purchases—for your first 12 months. After a year, however, all Walmart purchases will net you 2% cashback.

Other Important Details to Know About the Walmart Cashback Credit Card

Cashback for everyday purchases is what it's all about with the Walmart credit card. Here are some of the other critical features (and limitations) of the Walmart credit card and cash back rewards program:

  • You get rewards points that can be paid via check or statement credit
  • Gift cards and travel rewards are also available
  • You can use rewards to immediately pay for Walmart purchases
  • The top-line APR interest rate is higher than other cards (26.99%)
  • The final points total you receive is up to Walmart's discretion

The Capital One Walmart Rewards card gives you plenty of flexibility for redeeming your points. Every 1,000 points can be traded in for $10 in cash, which can be sent as a check or simply applied as a credit on your statement. But savvy customers are also on the lookout for gift card deals, which might give you an even more favorable exchange of points.

Cashback Rewards With the Walmart Store Card

For those with lower credit scores, the basic store Walmart Rewards Card can do nearly all the things that the MasterCard version can do. You still get 5% back on all Walmart purchases—online or in-store with Walmart Pay—for the first 12 months plus 2% off at Murphy USA gas stations. Though you won't have the MasterCard blanket of coverage offered with the main cashback credit card, it's still a great way to save.

Getting Walmart Cashback Rewards on Your Own

Doing a little bit of homework before applying for any credit card is a good idea. Here are some steps you can utilize to cover your bases before trying to get a Walmart Rewards Card:

  1. Check your credit on your own
  2. Read all of the details available about the Walmart Rewards Card
  3. Get a rough idea of how much you spend at Walmart
  4. Apply for card
  5. Upon approval, sign up for Walmart Pay to maximize rewards benefits

You should be able to quickly do a soft-pull credit inquiry through another credit card or a free credit report site. Because different credit scores will qualify for different cashback rewards cards, you will want to know in advance which card you expect to get. It can also be helpful to go back a few months—or even a year—to see how much you spend at Walmart before proceeding.

Even though 5% cashback on Walmart purchases for a year is excellent, the rest of the rewards are very average; if you don't shop that much at Walmart, this probably isn't the card for you.

Negatives of the Walmart Cashback Rewards Card to Consider

There are a couple of caveats worth knowing about the Walmart Rewards Card, including the potential for a very high APR on purchases and some grey areas on how points are redeemed. While those with higher credit scores will get a 17.99% or 23.24% variable rate APR on purchases, those with lower credit scores can see an APR interest rate as high as 26.99%.

Despite the rewards process seeming to be straightforward, the fine print states that "the actual amount of points you will earn will depend on your credit limit and purchase activity." This somewhat murky language suggests you won't get the full points unless you have a certain credit limit, although it's unclear what that would be. With questions here, you might want to contact Walmart's credit card customer service at 1-888-331-6133.

Using DoNotPay to Quickly and Easily Get Walmart Cashback

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