All About the Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex

Connect With an Inmate All About the Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex

How to Connect With an Inmate at Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex

Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex is Crawfordville, Florida-based Level V prison. Established by the Department of Corrections in 2008, the institution is just 20 miles south of Tallahassee and has a capacity of approximately 1325 male inmates held in mixed custody.

Wakulla offers academic programs to inmates such as Adult Literacy, English as a Second Language, and General Educational Development (ESL).

Various substance abuse programs such as Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health through SAMHSA are also offered. There are a number of Chaplaincy programs offered as well, such as Catholic Studies and Bridge Builder. Reading materials are off to the library, as well as a 100-hour transitional program made to help inmates more effectively re-enter society.

Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex Location and Contact Information

You can commute to the institution by car from I-10 by taking Exit 1 to 99 (US-27 South). After turning left onto Commerce Boulevard, the parking lot will just be a right turn onto Melaleuca Drive 4 miles down the road.

Physical AddressWakulla Correctional Institution Annex

110 Melaleuca Dr.

Crawfordville, FL 32327-4693

General Contact Phone Number(850) 410-1895
General WebsiteWakulla Correctional Institution General Website

How to Visit and Contact Inmates at Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex

  1. To schedule a visitation appointment, visitors must first be approved. Potential visitors seeking approval may either receive a Visitation Form application from an inmate or fill out an electronic application online by downloading it from the department's website directly. All visitors filling out an application must be 12 years of age or older.
  1. After being approved, visitors must schedule an appointment by filling out an automatic Visitation Request Form. Visitation requests can only be made during the week of the visit scheduled, and the forms may be submitted between 5 AM and 5 PM Monday through Wednesday. Visits cannot be scheduled over the phone and must be arranged only through the submission form.
  1. Visitation hours are normally between 9 AM to 3 PM Eastern Standard Time, with registration beginning at 8:15 AM on both days. No more visitors will be processed after 2 PM at the discretion of the duty warden. Parking is permitted in designated spaces and is to be done no earlier than 730 in the morning.
  1. Visitors are permitted to have visitation appointments on holidays, and should that holiday fall on a Saturday, it will be observed on the preceding Friday. The same applies to any holidays falling on Sunday, which will be observed on the following Monday. All visits are subject to final approval or disapproval by the warden.

Phone Calls

Monitored outgoing calls from inmates at Wakulla are permitted from 7-10 pm and at 15 minutes maximum. You can make an account with Securus to receive outgoing calls from inmates by calling 800-844-6591 or visiting the website. With Securus Correctional Billing Services, you have a couple of options and how you would like to be charged.

You can elect to have direct billing for the charges to apply to every individual call, or you can choose AdvanceConnect as a prepaid service. Through AdvanceConnect, you can deposit a certain sum into a prepaid account you fund for an inmate that can use it exclusively to call you.

How to Send Mail to Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex Inmates

Do note that inmates cannot be sent plastic bags, multi-layer packaging, padded envelopes, boxes, envelopes with any metal parts, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or any card stock type envelopes such as cardboard U.S. Mail Express or U.S. Mail Priority variations. The content of the mail cannot contain any stickers or non-paper items, especially not electronics.

Anything that you send to an inmate should be sent to the following address, with the inmate's name and ID:

Inmate Name and ID

Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex

110 Melaleuca Drive

Crawfordville, Florida 32327-4963

How to Send Money to Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex Inmates  

You can send inmates money by using JPay if you go to their website. Simply select the institution and input the inmate's ID number to sign up. Once you have got an account, you can use your debit or credit card to do the transaction as you would on any other site. You can also call the agency directly on 1-(800) 574-5729.

Alternatively, you can send funds to the inmate that you know in cash through a MoneyGram kiosk with the receipt code "5188".

If you would prefer to send in the money order by post instead of doing it electronically, you can fill out a deposit slip available on the main website and send one made payable to JPay to the following address:

P.O. Box 260010

Hollywood, FL 33026l

How DoNotPay Can Help You Connect With an Inmate at Wakulla Correctional Institution Annex

Though the specifications on how to contact an inmate at Wakulla are accessible to the public, it can be naturally a bit difficult to perfectly adhere to all of them unless you stay on top of the fine print. Thankfully, DoNotPay can help make the process a much easier experience with its Connect with an Inmate feature.

DoNotPay can help make the process a much easier experience with its Connect with an Inmate feature.

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