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How to Find VZW Com Discounts Fast With DoNotPay

Verizon Wireless is primarily known as an American wireless network and phone service. The company provides services for mobile lines, home internet, entertainment and more. If you or a loved one are considering making the switch from AT&T, T-Mobile, or another wireless network service, you can score incredible  throughout the year. 

Verizon is known to have some of the best phone plans, providing one of the largest 4G LTE networks along with 5G for all of your communication and entertainment needs. The trick is figuring out what time of year is the best time to switch coverage and determining which of the discounts offers you the best deal. This can be fairly time-consuming to keep up with, but DoNotPay can help you find relevant and active promo codes easily to save you the stress of hunting for them and comparing them with other providers.

What Services Does VZW Offer?

Verizon is most commonly known for being a cell phone service provider, but they offer much more than mobile lines. The company works with some of the most well-known brands such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Google and Amazon to bring you reliable service for all things digital.

If you want phone coverage or internet, they've got a plan for that. If you're looking for TV and games, VZW has deals for you. Verizon functions by the motto, "play, watch, listen & stream", bringing you a solution for both communication and entertainment.

Best Time of Year For VZW Deals

Many would believe that the best deals of the year happen during Black Friday, and while you can definitely find incredible discounts with Verizon during the holidays, you may learn that there's a better deal after the first of the year or right before school starts back. 

Verizon is known for throwing out major deals back to back and right before important months. This is great for marketing and it sells their services with ease. Unfortunately, a lot of people miss out on the better deals throughout the year due to being impatient or not doing their research.

Here are some promotional offers from VZW discounts:

Promotional OfferDiscounts
Trade-InSave $700 - $1000
BOGO DealsBuy One Get One Free on select phone brands
Free Apple iPhone with LineBuy the previous hotlist Apple iPhone and get it for free with a new unlimited line+plan

If you're not looking to score the latest phone, January is great for snagging a discount on the previous year's release. You can also find incredible Verizon discounts a month before the new models are released. This is due to retailers ramping up sales to make room for the next best thing and it can win you an incredible deal if you're upgrading.

How to Score The Best Verizon Wireless Discounts

This tip may be a little time-consuming to keep up with, and that's partially because it can be hard to hold off on purchases when you know exactly what you want. Patience is key when it comes to scoring the best VZW com discounts.

When you want the best deal, it can be hard not to fall for the first one you see pop up. However, if you do wait and you aim for the previous year's models, you'll likely walk away saving $500-$800 on Verizon deals. It might not be the newest item, but it will be new to you.

If you want the best of the best, latest release, you can still score some of the cheapest deals on it through Verizon by trying the following:

  1. Look at trade-in value for your current phone
  2. Ask an employee in-store - sometimes, if you're nice and willing to listen to their opinion, they may give you an extra discount. Honestly, it depends on the retailer.
  3. The early bird wins the race - now, this is mostly beneficial for unofficial holidays such as Amazon Prime Day. The company has been known to offer a limited quality when it comes to providers like Verizon. The best part is that you can still purchase a Verizon plan for your phone even if you're buying a phone on Amazon.

Being on alert throughout the year may not be something you feel like doing, and it can be frustrating if you're uncertain about what type of discount or deal you're looking for. It can even leave you feeling stressed if you don't act on a good deal and miss out on it. Luckily, DoNotPay can help you land the best discounts without the hassle and stress.

Get VZW Discounts Hassle-Free With DoNotPay

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