Easily Obtain a Virginia Restraining Order

File a Restraining Order Easily Obtain a Virginia Restraining Order

How to File for a Virginia Restraining Order in 5 Minutes

Virginia refers to a restraining order as a protective order. According to the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, a protective order is a legal order a magistrate or judge gives a victim to shield them against physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. The petitioner should present sufficient evidence against the respondent for a judge to grant their restraining order request.

Getting a Virginia restraining order is hectic, as you have to fill out forms and provide evidence showing the essence of the restraining order against the assailant. The challenges of getting a restraining order in Virginia discourage many people from seeking it. This is risky for some people, especially victims of domestic violence if the assailant is a perennial physical or sexual abuser.

DoNotPay is the best consultant when addressing restraining order issues in Virginia. It helps you gather evidence against the respondent and fill out the restraining order application form. It also enlightens you about the rules and relevant authorities to report your case depending on the restraining order you want. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, hence highly encouraged.

Where Can You Apply for a Restraining Order in Virginia?

The connection you had with the person you are seeking a restraining order against, determines where to seek a restraining order. You can apply for Virginia restraining orders at the following locations:

  1. Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court – You can seek a restraining order against an abusive family member or spouse if they are physically abusive or are threatening you and your loved ones. You can also apply for restraining orders at the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court against a respondent below 18 years if they have become a threat to you and your family.
  2. General District Court Clerk's Office – You can apply for restraining orders for other issues apart from domestic violence at the General District Court Clerk's office. You can also apply for preliminary protective orders at the General District Court Clerk.

How Much Do You Pay to Get a Restraining Order in Virginia?

Getting a restraining order in Virginia is free. You only need to file the necessary documentation and prove why you need a restraining order against the respondent.  

What Are the Major Types of Protective Order That Can Safeguard You Against a Respondent?

Virginia courts and other relevant authorities issue three major protective orders depending on the respondents' actions, namely:

Emergency protective orderA magistrate issues an emergency to protect a victim of domestic violence against future violence or abuse. It lasts for 72 hours in Virginia. It imposes the following conditions on a respondent:

  1. It bars all contact by a respondent with the victims or other family members.
  2. It prohibits any acts of violence, threats, intimidation, or destruction of property.
  3. It bars the respondent from possessing a companion animal.
Preliminary protective orderIt is issued to protect parties before a full hearing. It bars the respondent from contacting the complainant until a full hearing is heard and a verdict passed. It lasts for 15 days in Virginia. It has the same conditions as the emergency protective order.
Permanent protective orderIt is issued after a full hearing in court. The judge asks you and the respondent to explain truthfully what happened to determine whether it is worth giving a permanent protective order. A permanent protective order lasts up to two years. However, it can be extended if the petitioner requests an extension, especially if the respondent has violated the terms of the restraining order.

What Happens if You Violate a Restraining Order in Virginia?

Violating a restraining order in Virginia is viewed as contempt of court. Your bond is likely to be revoked if you are out on bond, and you will be incarcerated until your case is heard. If you become violent and harm the complainant, you risk arrest and prosecution. Possessing a firearm while under a restraining order is illegal. You are likely to face severe punishment as per State and Federal Law.

Getting a Restraining Order Using DoNotPay 

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