Virginia Property Tax Exemption Tips

Reducing Property Taxes Virginia Property Tax Exemption Tips

Everything About the Virginia Property Tax Exemption Program

As property in Virginia can be pricey, paying property tax bills in this state and its counties can be challenging for some homeowners.

You should check if you are eligible for Virginia property tax exemptions for seniors or other population categories. 

Reduce your future property tax bills by reviewing DoNotPay’s information on tax assessments and our guides on reducing and paying your property taxes. 

How Are Virginia Property Taxes Calculated?

The average property tax rate in Virginia is 0.80%, which is lower than the national average of 1.07%.


The assessed value of your home is the basis of your property tax in Virginia. A local assessor’s office is in charge of determining the assessed value, which is then multiplied by the property tax rate resulting in the amount on your property tax bill. 

The table below shows the frequency of property reassessments in Virginia:

Virginia City / CountyTime Cycles
CitiesEvery two years
Smaller cities (less than 30,000 people)Every four, five, or six years
Counties Every four years
Smaller counties (with less than 50,000 people)Every four, five, or six years

If you decide to purchase real estate in another U.S. state, you should check out what states have low property taxes.

How High Are Virginia Property Tax Rates?

Local governments calculate property tax rates in Virginia. Here is a list of average effective tax rates and median annual property tax payments in some parts of Virginia:

City (By Population)Median Annual Property Tax PaymentAverage Effective Property Tax Rate
Virginia Beach$2,4180.88%
Newport News$2,1941.14%
CountyMedian Annual Property Tax PaymentAverage Effective Property Tax Rate
Prince William$3,8731.05%

What Property Tax Exemptions Are You Eligible for in Virginia?

Although different counties in Virginia have different property tax rates, all counties, cities, and towns provide the same property tax exemptions and relief in line with the Code of Virginia.

Here is a list of some available Virginia property tax exemptions and relief options: 

  1. Virginia Property Tax relief for Seniors and Disabled—Citizens who are over 65,  permanently disabled, and meet the income and asset eligibility criteria qualify for this type of exemption. The relief depends on the total gross income, i.e.:
    • Applicants qualify for 100% relief if their gross income is less than $52,000
    • They qualify for 50% relief with the gross income between $52,001 and $62,000 
    • Citizens whose gross income is between $62,001 and $72,000 are eligible for 25% relief
  2. Virginia Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption—Disabled veterans who are rated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to have a 100% permanent and total disability connected with the service are eligible for this property tax exemption. The veterans need to be principal residents of the property. Their surviving spouses can also apply for this exemption
  3. Surviving Spouse of Armed Forces Member Killed in Action—Surviving spouses of members of the U.S. Armed Forces who were killed in action qualify for this exemption on the home and up to one acre in Virginia. Should they remarry, they will lose the right to this property tax exemption
  4. Solar Energy Equipment Tax Exemption—Residential and commercial property owners who have installed solar equipment used for heating purposes or other applications that would normally need a conventional energy source qualify for this type of property tax exemption. The value of the tax exemption equals the cost or a percentage of the cost of equipment and system installation, and it will be deducted from the owner’s annual property tax bill for five years 

DoNotPay can provide a precise guide on applying for the Virginia property tax exemptions you qualify for. 

Additional Virginia Property Tax Exemptions

The following property is exempt from taxation in Virginia:

  • Property owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Parks or playgrounds for the use of the general public
  • Property owned by churches or religious bodies
  • Nonprofit private or public cemeteries or burying grounds
  • Property owned by public or law libraries
  • Buildings and land owned by charitable organizations
  • Property of nonprofit institutions that found and maintain museums

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