Virginia Property Tax Assessment in a Nutshell

Reducing Property Taxes Virginia Property Tax Assessment in a Nutshell

Virginia Property Tax Assessment Deciphered

According to the statistics from Business Insider, Virginia isn’t a state with low property taxes, as its residents annually pay more than $2,100 in property taxes. 

The crucial step during the tax calculation is a property tax assessment. If you live in the Old Dominion, getting familiar with this procedure is essential for understanding why your tax bills are high and finding a way to pay less. This guide will explain how Virginia property tax assessment works and what the best methods for lowering your taxes are.

Why Do Residents of Virginia Need To Pay Taxes?

All U.S. states—including Virginia—mandate their citizens to pay taxes on houses, buildings, business premises, and other properties they own. The state government invests the funds in the enhancement of essential public systems, including:

  • Sanitation
  • Public transportation
  • Road works and constructions
  • Schools, libraries, and education
  • Hospitals and health care system
  • Green areas, parks, and recreational centers
  • Fire and police protection and other emergency services
  • Various local government services

Property Tax Assessment in Virginia Explained

The tax amount you will pay as a Virginia resident depends on two factors:

  1. Local property tax rate (it varies from county to county)
  2. The assessed value of your property

The local government officials, known as assessors, come to your property to evaluate it. They consider various factors, including:

  • Property age
  • Your home size—square footage, number of rooms, etc.
  • Overall home features and renovations
  • Potential malfunctions or damage
  • The value of similar houses in the neighborhood

The assessors perform estimates periodically. While some jurisdictions do it every year, in most cities, the local officials reassess your property every four years. In counties, the maximum assessment time cycle is six years.

While you can’t do much about changing the tax rate, you can decrease your estimated property value by following our handy tips.

How Can You Lower Your Property Taxes in Virginia?

In most cases, property taxes are an inevitable expense, but you can use specific tricks to cut them a little. There are several methods you can opt for, all presented in the table below:


Attend the evaluation of your home or property 

You know every corner of your house, which is why you should be present during the property assessment. You can notice right away if the assessor makes a mistake and report it, avoiding the risk of a tax increase

Inspect your tax records

Each county in Virginia, including Fairfax County, Chesterfield County, Loudoun County, and many more, has its official website and an accessible tax record database. Check your tax information and revise your property assessment details. The assessors may have made an error or reported something inaccurately

Appeal your previous tax assessment

If you believe the officials wronged you and didn’t evaluate your home properly, you can submit a property tax appeal and ask for a reassessment

Refrain from home improvements

Upgrading your house may be tempting, but each renovation increases your assessed property value, and consequently, your annual property tax. This is a valid reason to avoid such ventures, especially if the assessment date is approaching

Use applicable property tax exemptions

If you are a senior citizen, veteran, or disabled person, there’s a chance you can use certain tax relief options. According to the Code of Virginia, each county has specific rules regarding the available property tax exemptions

Not Sure Which Property Tax Exemption You Qualify For? Ask DoNotPay

Property tax exemptions are a great way to cut down on your taxes, but many people are unaware they exist. The authorities don’t inform citizens about tax benefits. The only way residents can find out about them is by researching on their own.

If you don’t know where and how to start, we can help! DoNotPay ensures you get all the essential details and instructions in a comprehensive manual we’ll create for you. We will teach you how to:

  • Find out which property tax exemptions you are entitled to
  • Get the additional supporting documentation
  • Complete the application forms properly
  • Submit your application to the right institution

To get this guide, proceed as follows:

  1. Sign in to DoNotPay in your preferred web browser
  2. Open our Property Tax feature
  3. Answer a few questions to provide your property details

Not only can we help you get the deserved tax relief in Virginia hassle-free, but we can teach you a few tricks on how to use the available tax exemptions in:

How To Appeal Your Previous Virginia Property Tax Assessments With DoNotPay

Realizing that the assessor has made a mistake while estimating your property can lead to a tax reduction if you file an appeal. It’s a tricky task, and that’s why DoNotPay offers to help with this procedure too.

In our guide, you’ll get great advice on:

  • Communicating and negotiating with your assessor
  • Gathering the evidence to support your claims
  • Composing your appeal letter properly

Our learning base offers practical tips on appealing your previous assessment in various counties, such as:

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