The Best Way to File an Annulment in Virginia

Annul My Marriage The Best Way to File an Annulment in Virginia

The Best Way to Get an Annulment in Virginia

When you want to be legally separated from your current spouse, a divorce is often the first thing you'll consider. Did you know that a marriage annulment in Virginia is also an option? Annulments usually take effect immediately and are much less messy than regular divorces.

To get a marriage annulment, you need to prove that your marriage should never have happened. Even if you meet the annulment requirements, you still have to appear in court as you would for a divorce hearing. If you want to do a marriage annulment the right way, use DoNotPay.

Who Can Get a Marriage Annulment in Virginia?

Anyone can get a Virginia marriage annulment if the union meets the requirements under the Code of Virginia, Title 20, Chapter 6. That includes

Sham or Fraudful MarriagesThis applies to couples who seek to get married with some ulterior motive or deceit. Examples include:

  • One person marries the other just to get a green card
  • One person lied about their religious affiliations to win the other's favor
  • One party lied about having a terminal disease to emotionally sway the other party
  • The two people aren't romantically involved, but still want marriage benefits from the government
Underage MarriagesGenerally, two people can't be legally married in Virginia unless they're both 18 years old. A minor who wants to get an annulment after the marriage can do so without the consent of the other spouse.
Prohibited Family MarriagesExcept for distant relatives and first cousins, Virginia residents cannot get married to close family members.
Marriages With Undisclosed PregnanciesA husband can ask for an annulment if his wife is pregnant with a child that he didn't help conceive. Likewise, if a wife finds out that her husband fathered a child for another woman, she can get an annulment. However, that child must have been born within the past ten months.
Bigamist Marriageis also known as polygamy. It is when someone is married to multiple spouses. It's perfectly legal to be in a relationship with other parties while you're married, but you can only have one marriage license.
Marriages With FelonsIf one spouse does not tell the other that they are a convicted felon, the marriage can be annulled. The felony had to have taken place before the marriage.
Marriages Involving Impotent SpousesIf one spouse can't produce biological children, the other can apply for an annulment.
Marriages Performed Under DuressSomeone can get an annulment if they are forced into the marriage with threats or violence. Additionally, those who were mentally incapacitated when they agreed to the marriage can get an annulment later.
Unofficial MarriagesAll marriages in Virginia are only valid with a marriage license. The two parties must have a wedding ceremony under a licensed officiant.

Are There Any Exceptions to Annulment Laws in Virginia?

The statute of limitations for filing for an annulment in Virginia is two years or less. After that time, your petition won't be successful even if your marriage shouldn't have taken place.

You also can't get an annulment from someone who was a minor if they had written consent from a legal guardian. For cases of impotent spouses or discovered pregnancies, you typically have to annul the union very soon after these issues arise.

How Much Does an Annulment Cost in Virginia?

It usually doesn't cost any money to file an annulment petition in Virginia. However, most people usually have to pay around $86 in court fees during the final hearing.

If your spouse contests the annulment, additional hearings will cost extra. Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to ask the judge to waive those fees after the annulment has been settled.

How to File for a Virginia Marriage Annulment

Filing for an annulment follows this basic process:

  1. Visit the circuit court website in your county and locate the annulment complaint form.
  2. Fill it out with details about your family, as well as your reason for seeking an annulment.
  3. Have the petition formally served to your spouse.
  4. Appear in court to prove your case.
  5. If successful, the judge will void your marriage immediately. Virginia judges are also authorized to assign child support duties and custody roles.

It's preferable to a divorce, which can drag on for months even if both parties agree. Even so, an annulment still requires some work that not everyone has time to commit. Fortunately, there's a better annulment process that is easily accessible for anyone.

Using DoNotPay to Get a Guaranteed Marriage Annulment in Virginia

While the annulment process seems straightforward, it can still be difficult to manage on your own. Every marriage is different and may not fall into the traditional grounds for annulment. DoNotPay helps you proceed with 100% reassurance.

If you're a DoNotPay user that needs a Virginia marriage annulment, it only takes 3 steps:

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  2. Kick-off the process to see if your marriage is eligible for an annulment.


  3. Answer some specific questions about your marriage and see if your state law allows for an annulment.


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