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Convert Points and Miles How to Transfer Virgin America Points

All About Virgin America Transfer Points

Virgin America is a West Coast-based airline that serves several US locations and a handful of airports in Mexico. Their flights are mostly centered along the West Coast, with connections to the East Coast from their major cities (San Francisco and Los Angeles).

Virgin America has promoted itself as a highly fantastic brand. And many people like flying with them. If you’re a regular customer, you’re wondering about Virgin America rewards points, how to transfer Virgin points, and what they may be used for.

Plus, Virgin America's “Elevate” points, potential uses, and inherent value are rising as the airline starts to fly out of Dallas, using gateways acquired as part of the American Airlines and US Airways merger.

Earning Virgin America Points and How Points Work

You'll receive five points for every dollar spent on a flight with the Elevate program. Virgin America Elevate is an excellent alternative if you value style, comfort, service, and convenience and are willing to pay a little money.

  • Instead of using the usual miles-flown process, Virgin America employs a cash-based mechanism.
  • As a result, redemptions are calculated based on the current cash value of the requested itinerary at the time of booking.

Though Virgin does not have a set value for their points, they often vary between 2.1 and 2.6 cents per point in practice. You may use your points to reserve any airline seat. However, the number of points required for more popular routes brings the redemption price down to the cents per point level.

You may also use the points to book flights on any of Virgin America's partners at a discounted cost. However, all partner flights must be booked over the phone, and many of them have significant fees and surcharges, unlike Virgin America flights.

Virgin America has also joined a Virgin Limited Edition program, letting consumers utilize hundreds of points for stays at select locations and resorts usually unavailable to book with points. For example, Sir Richard Branson's private island in the Caribbean is one member option.

Here are some Virgin Atlantic partners and their corresponding point worth:

Partner Companies  Point RatioPoints WorthNumber of Points
Marriott Bonvoy3:1$5,00060,000
American Express1:1$6,000100,000

How to Transfer Virgin America Points by Yourself

If you want to transfer your Virgin America points on your own, follow these steps.

Transfer Points By Yourself
  1. Sign in to your Elevate account at the website to convert your Elevate points to Mileage Plan miles. If you haven’t logged in for a while you may need to contact customer service to reset a password.
  2. You'll be able to choose to transfer to the Mileage Plan after you've logged in. Before you make your initial transfer, you'll need to register both of your accounts. This can be a pain if you don’t know all the details of a second account.
  3. You may choose how many points you wish to transfer from the drop-down menu on the page. The bar will auto-complete with the matching amount of Mileage Plan miles.

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