Get Victims of Crime Compensation in Los Angeles the Easy Way

Compensation for Victims of Crime Get Victims of Crime Compensation in Los Angeles the Easy Way

How To Get Victims of Crime Compensation in Los Angeles the Easy Way

Victims of violent crimes usually have a lot on their plates. Besides having to deal with trauma and physical injuries, victims and their loved ones also have to meet various crime-related expenses, including hospital bills, counseling, and similar. All states in the U.S.—including California—have funds for violent crime victims to make the situation more bearable. Victims of crime can get compensation in Los Angeles by applying for the California Victim Compensation Program.

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Learn About California Crime Victim Compensation

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office helps Los Angeles victims by providing assistance, support, and valuable info regarding the compensation program. The California Victim Compensation Board helps violent crime victims in California counties by granting financial assistance for their crime-related expenses through the Victim Compensation Program. The program grants compensation to:

  1. Victims who suffered physical and emotional trauma due to a violent crime, such as:
  2. Family members and dependents of the injured or murdered victims
  3. People who were living with the victim at the time of the crime
  4. Minors who witnessed domestic violence
  5. Individuals responsible for funeral costs of homicide victims

The program covers only the expenses that your other sources—such as insurance, Medicaid, donations, and similar—can’t meet. 

The CalVCB gets the funding from federal awards—such as the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant—and offender fines, fees, and penalty assessments.  

Who Is Eligible To Get Victim of Crime Compensation in Los Angeles?

To get crime victim compensation in Los Angeles, you must meet certain criteria. To find out if you’re eligible, consult the table below:

EligibleNot Eligible
You will get reimbursement for your crime-related costs if you:

  • Are a California resident 
  • Were a victim of a crime that took place in California
  • Have reported the crime to the police
  • Cooperate with law enforcement
  • Apply for the Victim Compensation Program within seven years of the crime
  • Cooperate with the Board upon applying for the program
Your Victim Compensation Program application will be rejected if you:

  • Were an accomplice in the crime that caused your injures
  • Participated in an illegal activity when you got injured
  • Don’t cooperate with law enforcement 
  • Refuse to cooperate with the Board

DoNotPay Helps You Apply for Crime Victim Compensation in LA in a Matter of Minutes!

The traditional application process can be long and tiresome even if you ask the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office’s staff to help you out. To avoid going to the District Attorney’s Office to fill out a seven-page-long application, you should rely on DoNotPay.

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  1. Open DoNotPay
  2. Pick our Compensation for Crime Victims product
  3. Indicate whether you’re the victim or a dependent of the victim
  4. Respond to our questions and verify your signature

DoNotPay will fill out the application on your behalf according to the answers you provide and send it to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. We can help victims of any violent crime—including robbery, the 9/11 terrorist attack, and similar—file their applications quickly and hassle-free.

Besides using our product in any county in California, we can also handle your application for crime victim compensation programs in other states, including:

Find Out Which Costs Are Covered by the California Victim Compensation Program

California Victim Compensation Program covers most crime-related expenses, except for:

  • Identity theft costs
  • Lost, stolen, or damaged property
  • Pain and suffering

The highest compensable amount that the program grants is $70,000 per claim. The program covers the following expenses:

  • Medical and dental exams, treatments, and prescriptions
  • Mental health counseling and psychiatric hospitalization
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of income and support
  • Home adjustments for victims that are permanently disabled as a result of the crime
  • Home security improvements
  • Relocation costs
  • Crime scene cleanup 
  • Guide or service dog
  • Travel costs for dental, medical, and counseling appointments

Did the CalVCB Reject Your Application? Learn How To Appeal Their Decision

After the Board reviews your application and required documents, they will decide whether you’re eligible to get compensation. If they choose to reject your claim, you can file an appeal within 45 days from being notified about the Board’s decision. Once you write an appeal letter, send it to the following address: 

Legal and Appeals Office

PO Box 350

Sacramento, CA 95812

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