How To Apply for Crime Victims Compensation in Tennessee

Compensation for Victims of Crime How To Apply for Crime Victims Compensation in Tennessee

Apply for Crime Victims Compensation in Tennessee in Under Two Minutes

Violent crimes can have severe repercussions on one’s physical and mental health. Besides suffering from bodily injuries and psychological trauma, violent crime victims also have to deal with crime-related expenses that are usually high. Crime victims compensation in Tennessee helps the Volunteer State residents deal with the financial burden caused by various violent crimes.

To learn more about the Crime Victims Compensation Fund in Tennessee, continue reading our article. DoNotPay will help you apply for the crime victims compensation program in any state quickly and effortlessly!

Learn About the TN Victims Compensation Fund 

The Victims Compensation Fund in Tennessee helps victims deal with crime-related financial difficulties through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Program administered by the Division of Claims Administration. The program covers various expenses caused by an assault, robbery, domestic violence, or any other violent crime for innocent victims and their relatives.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Program gets funding for violent crime victims from:

  • Offender fines and fees:
    • Violent offenses—$50
    • Property crimes—$26.50
    • Crime against minors—$500
  • Parolee’s wages (5%)
  • A percentage of:
    • Sales of illegal contraband
    • Bond forfeitures
    • Juror reimbursement donations
  • Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grant 

Since the program is a payer of last resort, you should rely on your other sources first before applying for crime victims compensation. Those sources can be Medicaid, insurance, workers’ compensation benefits, and similar. The Crime Injuries Compensation Program will cover only the expenses that can’t be paid through a collateral source.

Are You Eligible To Apply for Tennessee Victims Compensation?

You qualify for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Program if your answers to the following questions are positive:

  1. Have you been physically injured in a violent crime that occurred in Tennessee?
  2. Are you a dependent or a family member of a homicide victim?
  3. Did you get hurt while trying to stop a crime?
  4. Were you injured in a car accident caused by DUI?
  5. Did you report the crime to the police in the first 48 hours?
  6. Did you collaborate with the police during the investigation?
  7. Is your loss at least $100 or two weeks of lost wages?

If you think you’re eligible, you should file your application no later than one year after the crime. Since the traditional way of applying for victims crime compensation can be complicated, you should rely on DoNotPay and apply for the Tennessee victims compensation program in a jiffy.

File Your Tennessee Victims Compensation Application Hassle-Free With DoNotPay

Victims of violent crimes and their relatives already deal with various challenges—applying for crime victims compensation doesn’t have to be one of them. Victims frequently feel discouraged by the complicated compensation application process, which is why they avoid filing their claims. 

DoNotPay strives to help victims of any violent crime—including assaults, abuse, and terrorist attacks like 9/11—deal with injuries and trauma without worrying about the money. Our Compensation for Crime Victims feature enables you to apply for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Program in a few clicks. 

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Open DoNotPay
  2. Choose our Compensation for Crime Victims product
  3. Let us know whether you’re the victim or another claimant
  4. Answer our questions and verify your signature

We will take care of your application and send it to the right office in Tennessee. You can use our app to apply for a crime victims compensation program in any other state, including:

Tennessee Crime Victims Compensation—Find Out Which Costs Are Compensable

The maximum benefit amount that the Criminal Injuries Compensation Program grants is $30,000. The program covers the following expenses:

Covered CostsMaximum Compensable Amounts

Medical costs: 

    • Medical and dental exams
    • Treatments
    • Prescriptions
    • Medical and dental devices 
Mental health counseling for victims of violent crimes and their relatives (in some cases)$30,000 for direct victims

$3,500 for family members (in a cumulative)

Lost wages or support for victims who can’t work because of crime-related injuries85% of their average weekly salary
Lost support for dependents of homicide or disabled victims
Funeral expenses$6,000
Crime scene cleanup$3,000
Relocation costs if a victim’s home is a crime sceneNot specified
Travel to attend the trial (for victims or their relatives)$1,250 for up to four people
RehabilitationNot specified
Pain and suffering for sexual crime victims$3,000
Attorney fees$375 for death claims

$500 for non-death claims

The program doesn’t cover property loss or damage (with some exceptions). You will still get compensation for:

  • Loss or damage of medically related devices 
  • Costs for repairing, cleaning, or replacing eyeglasses and hearing aids that got damaged during a crime
  • Personal property that was damaged during the processing of a crime scene in case of homicide and aggravated or sexual assault. This exception applies only if the victim’s home or a victim’s relative’s home was a crime scene

What Happens After You Apply for Crime Victims Compensation in Tennessee?

When you complete your application, the Division of Claims Administration will review it and potentially request additional info. If the division doesn’t make a decision within 90 days of receiving all necessary documentation, your application will be transferred to the Tennessee Claims Commission

If you’re not happy with the outcome of your claim, you have 90 days from receiving the notice to file an appeal with the Commission.

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