Get Victim Compensation in Florida the Easy Way

Compensation for Victims of Crime Get Victim Compensation in Florida the Easy Way

File for Victim Compensation in Florida With Zero Hassle

Victims of violent crimes suffer physical injuries and emotional trauma long after the crime happens. Besides the direct consequences, crime victims often experience financial hardship due to many crime-related expenses. The good thing is that Florida, like other states, is obligated to compensate you for the financial loss that the crime caused.

This article provides all the necessary information about covering those costs and shows you how to apply for victim compensation in Florida.

Florida Victim Compensation Fund—All You Need To Know

Every U.S. state must provide financial reimbursement to victims of violent crimes. Each state has a victim fund for violent crimes, and Florida is no exception.

The Florida Victim Compensation Fund allows victims, family members, and personal representatives to receive reimbursement for the following crime-related issues:

  • Disability
  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Medication costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of financial support
  • Rehabilitation and treatment costs
  • Mental health counseling expenses
  • Burial and funeral expenses

Who Pays for Florida Victim Compensation?

Even though the State of Florida gets the revenue from various sources—like restitution from offenders, parole and probation fees, and DUI fines—the main source of financial support is the Victims of Compensation Act (VOCA) Fund.

The VOCA Fund is a federal program established to manage crime victim compensation boards across the nation and provide funding.

The amount of crime victim compensation each individual gets depends on the type of compensable crime and expenses the victim needs to cover.

Who Qualifies for Florida Crime Victim Compensation?

The following categories are eligible to file a claim with the Florida Victim Compensation Fund:

  • Victims who suffer:
    1. Personal injury from the crime
    2. Psychiatric or psychological harm because of the forcible felony
    3. Emotional trauma because they experienced child abuse as minors
  • Witnesses of crime who suffer from emotional trauma and mental health problems because of what they experienced
  • Family members who need to cover burial and funeral expenses for deceased victims
  • Individuals who relied on the financial support of the deceased victim
  • Personal representatives of the incapable adults
  • Parents or legal guardians of child victims

The Florida Victim Compensation Fund offers financial assistance only to innocent victims, witnesses, and representatives. Financial reimbursement is not available in case the person was:

  • Injured while committing a crime or being an accomplice to a crime
  • Found guilty of a forcible felony
  • Injured while in custody or prison
  • Classified as a repeated felony offender or violent career criminal

If you believe you or your family members deserve compensation from the Florida Victim Compensation Fund, DoNotPay is the best way to file a claim.

How To Apply for the Florida Victim Compensation Program

In the following table, you can find all the information you need to file a claim with the Florida Victim Compensation Fund:

Florida Victim Compensation Application Steps


Report the crimeYou have to report the crime to a law enforcement agency within 72 hours. When filing a claim, you have to include time, date, and the agency where you reported the crime
Complete the applicationOnce you make sure you qualify for crime victim compensation in Florida, here is what you have to do:

  1. Download the Victim Compensation Claim Form from the Office of Attorney General website
  2. Insert personal information
  3. Define your injuries
  4. Specify the type of compensation you’re requesting
  5. Provide details about the crime
  6. Add health insurance information
Gather the required documentationBesides the completed application, you have to provide the following documentation:

  • Documents that prove a compensable crime occurred
  • Proof of crime-related expenses
  • Proof of payments by third parties
  • Documentation from the employer and treating physician for disability, loss of wages, and loss of disability supports
  • Certification documentation from an official domestic violence or rape crisis center for relocation benefits
Submit the applicationYou can send the application and supporting documents to the Office of the Attorney General at PL-01 The Capitol Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Apply for Victim Compensation in Florida the Easy Way—With DoNotPay

Being a victim of a crime or losing a loved one to it is difficult enough without having to deal with the financial hardship that comes along.

The Florida Victim Compensation Fund encourages victims to apply for monetary reimbursement, but the application process is complicated. You can easily make mistakes and forget to include important information. The incomplete or inadequately written form gets your application denied.

To prevent this, DoNotPay created a simple and easy-to-use product for filing victim compensation claims in no time.

Sign up for DoNotPay and follow these steps:

  1. Open Compensation for Crime Victims product
  2. Indicate if you are the victim or claimant
  3. Answer our chatbot’s questions about the crime that happened and the expenses you want to cover
  4. Confirm the information by adding a signature

Your virtual assistant will automatically file the application in your name to the Florida Office of the Attorney General.

Besides helping you apply for violent crime victim compensation in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, Oregon, Arizona, and anyone else in the U.S., DoNotPay has all the information you need about filing a claim with the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

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