Everything You Need to Contact Viasat's Customer Service

Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company Everything You Need to Contact Viasat's Customer Service

How to Contact Viasat Customer Service in a Snap

Viasat is in the business of connecting with its customers. It delivers satellite internet to residential customers, including those in remote and rural areas. It offers consistent accessibility for small businesses and corporations, provides in-flight Wi-Fi for private business and commercial aviation travelers, and assists maritime clients with their communication needs.

In addition, the company's SATCOM, LOS, and Cybersecurity solutions help strengthen the United States' defense strategies. With such a diverse client base, you want to reach the right Viasat customer service platform.

DoNotPay connects you to the correct Viasat customer service number. Our proprietary system saves you time and aggravation by waiting on hold for you until the line connects to a live person at the other end. Visit us to access DoNotPay's robot dialing system, and we’ll take care of you.

Viasat's Support Contact Numbers and Emails

Viasat customer service is categorized by department. However, with more than 680,000 customers, you may feel overwhelmed trying to access the correct department. DoNotPay's robotics locates the right number and holds on the line for you until a representative picks up.

Here’s an overview of Viasat’s customer service information:

Customer serviceViasat customer service
Viasat’s customer service number1-855-313-4111
Viasat’s HQ number(844) 702-3199
Fax(760) 929-3941

General Customer Service

Viasat's customer support center includes self-guided tours to answer specific questions, broken down by topic:

  1. Billing
  2. Account Administration
  3. Tech Troubleshooting
  4. Plans and Products
  5. Speeds and Connectivity
  6. New Customers

Viasat Headquarters

Here’s Viasat’s HQ in California:

Viasat, Inc.

6155 El Camino Real

Carlsbad, CA 93009

Business Customer Service

Viasat customer service for businesses includes self-guided resources and call center support.

  1. Business owners can log in to their accounts and access a wide range of information, including current bills and data usage.
  2. Help articles are available for individuals interested in learning all they can about the Viasat system.
  3. The business customer care center has representatives available seven days a week at 1-855-313-4111.

Aviation Customer Service

Viasat provides customer support for its aviation clients through email monitored 24/7.

Customers traveling on commercial flights and experiencing problems with Wi-Fi connectivity may contact Viasat customer support 24/7 through:

  1. Aviation customer service email
  2. Toll-Free: 1-833-VSATAIR
  3. Global: +1-760-893-5713

Aerodocs customer support is available by logging into the Viasat account.

Viasat Customer Service for Defense

Viasat's defense sector clients can find tech and on-site support and arrange personalized training sessions by calling or emailing the general defense customer service line.

General defense contact:

  1. Toll-Free: 1-888-272-7232
  2. Local Tel: 1-760-476-2600
  3. Email for Viasat’s customer service for Defense.

Viasat Maritime Customer Support

Viasat's maritime clients receive technical assistance by calling or emailing.

  1. +1-415-4-VIASAT (842728)
  2. Sales Email for Viasat’s Maritime customer support

Viasat Space and Networking Technology Customer Service

Viasat's customer service team is available to support its antennae and ground system, ASICs and IP core, and network operation customers. Support teams are divided into specific tech categories to serve their clients better.

Antennae Systems

Here are the email addresses and phone numbers for each section:

  1. Sales and Tech Support: Antennae Systems
  • Phone: 1-678-924-2678
  1. Sales and Tech Support: Real-Time Earth
  • Phone: 1-678-924-2678
  1. Maintenance and Upgrades: Antennae Systems
  • Phone: 1-678-924-2807


Here are the email addresses for each section:

  1. Field Programmable Gate Arrays, ASICs, and IP Cores
  2. Custom Modem Design
  3. Avionics Testing and RF Environment Generation

Viasat Press and Investor Contacts

Here are the contact information for Viasat’s press and investors:

Common Reasons People Contact Viasat Support

Individuals, business owners, and government agencies may contact Viasat customer service for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Starting home service
  • Connectivity problems
  • Avionics testing
  • Modem design
  • Antennae installation and support
  • ASIC customization
  • Company training

While Viasat has an organized system designed to assist clients with personal, business, and government tech support concerns, it can be confusing and frustrating to try and locate the correct department. DoNotPay takes the hassle out of calling Viasat customer service.

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