Learn about Your Veterans Benefit Application

Military Protection Learn about Your Veterans Benefit Application

Military Protection: Veterans Benefit Application

One thing all Americans can agree on is that our veterans deserve the benefits they are promised. It's a good news/bad news situation for many veterans—there are so many benefits but it's difficult to know which ones you are qualified to receive. Many veterans also find that it's hard to navigate the VA website to find and process the veterans benefit application.

Do You Know How to Access Your Military Benefits?

What makes getting your benefits even more of a challenge is that every single one has its own application process. DoNotPay can help you learn about all the benefits you're eligible to receive, find the VA centers near you, and get copies of your service records.

DoNotPay also works with spouses and family members who may need to determine a veteran's benefits on their behalf. Family members are also eligible to claim some veterans benefits, like disability pay for qualified dependents.

Have You Learned All the Benefits You’re Eligible to Receive?

The Veterans Administration (VA) is the second largest Federal agency, second only to your former employer, the Department of Defense. The VA takes the privilege of caring for our veterans very seriously, and offers these benefits to those who honorably served.

How to Get Your VA Benefits on Your Own

This is where it gets tricky, and you know for sure that the VA is a government agency. Veterans healthcare is one of the most popular benefits, so let's learn what you need to enroll in VA healthcare.

  1. Social security numbers for you, your spouse, and qualified dependents
  2. Military discharge information. You'll need to upload a copy of your DD214 or other separation documents.
  • Insurance cards for any coverage you have, including:
  • insurance you have through your spouse or partner
  • Medicare
  • Private insurance
  • Employer-sponsored insurance

The following information is optional, but they will also ask for:

  1. Previous year's gross household income—your income before taxes and any deductions are taken.
  2. Last year's deductible expenses, like health care and education costs.

Deductions lower your income, so you may qualify for lower premiums, deductibles, and co-pays for services, and also for lower prescription drug prices.

This is a lot of information to gather and enter into the VA website, and this list is just for healthcare benefits. As you have figured out by now, other benefits require different paperwork.

Here's an example of how the VA benefits process is so frustrating for veterans and their families. If you start to apply online, you can do it without officially signing in. But, if you sign in a second time to complete the application, you lose all the information you already provided. It is an aggravating headache to complete all the forms. It's just too complicated.

Next Steps for Accessing Benefits if You Can’t Do It Yourself

If you can't complete the veterans benefit application on your own, you can appoint an attorney, claim agent, or Veterans Service Organization (VSO) member to act on your behalf in claiming your benefits. VSOs are groups like American Veterans (AMVETS), the American Legion, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) are volunteers. These are good ideas, but will take longer to get your benefits than doing it yourself.

Find Your Benefits With the Help of DoNotPay

If all this seems overwhelming, you're not alone. Many of your fellow veterans use DoNotPay to apply for VA benefits. We have a chatbot that will help you determine the documents you need to apply for a given benefit.

If you want to find the Veterans Benefits, but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search for and open the Military Protection product on DoNotPay. 

  2. Select whether you want to 1) locate the nearest VA office, 2) access veteran benefits, or 3) locate service records. 

  3. Answer a simple set of questions so our chatbot can collect the necessary information to help you and find the nearest office or fill out the appropriate forms. 

Why Use DoNotPay to Process Your Veterans Benefit Application

There are a lot of reasons to use DoNotPay:


FastYou don’t have to spend hours trying to find and process your veterans benefit application.
EasyOur system is streamlined and simple to use, and we manage all the details of your application.
SuccessfulYou can rest assured knowing we'll make your life easier by taking a lot of everyday chores off your plate.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay is a resource for every one. These are some of the other tasks that DoNotPay can handle for you. Since we are available all the time, you can log into your DoNotPay account and choose the service you want. Then upload the documents on your time—you don't have to work during normal business hours.

DoNotPay takes the hassle out of life by managing the frustrating red tape and bureaucracies for you. And, thank you so much for your service.

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