How to Get the Veterans Affairs GI Bill Benefits

Military Protection How to Get the Veterans Affairs GI Bill Benefits

Getting the Veterans Affairs GI Bill Benefits You Deserve

As a veteran, you've earned your country's undying gratitude for your service. You've also earned more tangible rewards through the Veterans Affairs GI Bill benefits. However, do you know how to access all of the GI benefits to which you're entitled? Trying to learn what benefits are available to you often seems like negotiating a confusing maze.

Negotiating that maze frequently involves hours spent at the computer or on the phone figuring out what benefits you're entitled to and how to apply for them. After you've figured all that out (and filled out a mountain of paperwork) you may have to wait weeks or even months for your benefits to kick in.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll enjoy the rewards of your service. So let's take a look at some of the amazing benefits our grateful nation provides its veterans.

The Veterans Affairs GI Bill Benefits

Are you looking for educational benefits, veteran's health insurance, or a home loan you can afford? These are all great benefits available through various federal agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs. Just tracking down which federal agencies offer which benefits can be exhausting, though!

Veterans Affairs GI Bill benefits include:

The only problem with claiming the veteran's benefits which you've earned is finding out about them and then the mounds of paperwork involved! It can be an overwhelming process unless you get the expert help you need and deserve

How to Get Your Veterans Affairs GI Bill Benefits on Your Own

The first step is to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs to see what benefits are available to you. Be aware that there are currently three pages of benefits to scroll through and quite a few of them will probably not be applicable to you.

GI Bill Benefits Are Often Based on These 5 Factors:

  1. Length of service
  2. Timeframe of service
  3. Degree of a service-related disability
  4. Type of benefit needed
  5. Whether you're the caretaker, dependent, or survivor of a qualified service member

Some benefits are even based on the service member's race or sex.

Once you've identified which benefits you're interested in, it's time to see if you qualify. You'll have to check that for each benefit individually. If you qualify for a particular benefit, it's time to get started on the paperwork.

Let's look at an example of a benefit the Department of  Veterans Affairs provides — the Basic Medical Benefits Package. This benefit is available to all enrolled veterans. It includes comprehensive preventive, primary, and specialty care for veterans. It also includes diagnostic services, inpatient care, outpatient care, and sometimes other services such as dental care.

Services Are Provided on a Priority Basis:

Highest Priority GroupThe highest priority group includes veterans with a service-connected disability rating, former POWs, and service members who have been awarded a Purple Heart or Medal of Honor.
Other GroupThe other group includes those whose eligibility is based on an existing medical condition, environmental exposure, combat status, or income level.

There are very specific dates and types of service involved and timely enrollment is essential if you want to qualify for this benefit! Carefully examine the types of service, date, and place of service, discharge dates, and other specifications to see if you qualify for this valuable benefit.

How to Get Help Accessing the GI Benefits You've Earned 

If you're frustrated with the whole process of trying to find the benefits you qualify for (and with the copious paperwork involved), don't give up! Your military service may entitle you to a wide range of potential GI benefits. You'll never receive the benefits you've earned if you don't pursue them in a timely manner.

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Let DoNotPay Help You With Your Veterans Affairs GI Bill Benefits

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Once you turn to DoNotPay, you can relax knowing that we'll make the best possible case for you. Our goal is to make sure you receive the Veterans Affairs GI Bill benefits you've earned through your sacrifice and service.

How to Find Veteran Benefits with DoNotPay

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