A to Z Guide on Vermont Divorce Laws

Divorce Settlement Agreement A to Z Guide on Vermont Divorce Laws

Get the Lowdown on Vermont Divorce Laws

Going through a divorce doesn’t have to be the highest stress in your life. Get to know the filing process, prepare the right paperwork, and find out what the mandatory separation and waiting periods are.

You should gather information on Vermont divorce laws to finalize your marriage dissolution in a breeze and without breaking the bank. Besides providing essential details, DoNotPay helps you handle the required documentation.

Meet the Requirements for a Divorce in Vermont

To file for divorce in Vermont, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

Legal RequirementsSpecifics
Residency requirementsYou or your spouse must have:

  1. Been a Vermont resident for at least six months
  2. Lived continuously in the Green Mountain State for a minimum of one year before the final divorce hearing
Separation periodYou and your spouse:

  • Are not likely to get back together
  • Need to live separate and apart for at least six consecutive months
  • Can file for divorce before, during, or after the required separation period
Grounds for divorceIf you’d like to prove your spouse’s fault, here are some grounds you can cite:

  • Cruel treatment
  • Cheating, i.e., adultery
  • Willful desertion for seven years
  • Neglect and refusal to provide support even though your spouse can support you financially and physically
  • Confinement and hard labor in a state or federal prison:
    • For three or more years
    • At the time of filing for divorce
  • Permanently incapacitation because of a:
    • Mental condition
    • Psychiatric disability

As Vermont allows no-fault divorce, you can state irreconcilable differences and go for a friendly and uncontested divorce

How Long Does a Divorce in VT Take?

If you and your spouse have minor children, you’ll need to wait for six months for the final hearing. The judge might allow it sooner if you have had a solid parenting agreement for a minimum of six months.

For your divorce to be final, you’ll need to wait for three months after the final hearing. If you and your spouse both agree to shorten or waive this mandatory waiting time, you could let the judge know, and they may approve it.

A divorce can be quick, low-cost, and stress-free if you and your spouse reach an out-of-court settlement on all relevant issues, including:

A divorce will take much longer if you leave for the judge to decide on these matters.

If you and your spouse need help resolving certain divorce matters, you should consider mediation.

Complete the Right Vermont Divorce Forms

Depending on whether you’ve got children or not, here are sets of forms you need to fill out and file with the court:

Divorce With Underage ChildrenDivorce Without Children
  • Complaint for Divorce, Legal Separation, or Dissolution With Children
  • Information Sheet
  • Health Department information
  • Child Support Order
  • Income and Expense Affidavit
  • Property and Assets Affidavit
  • Complaint for Divorce, Legal Separation, or Dissolution Without Children
  • Information Sheet
  • Health Department information

If the court orders additional documents, you’ll also need to complete:

  • Income and Expense Affidavit
  • Property and Assets Affidavit

Filing for divorce in VT doesn’t have to be complicated since you can find all necessary forms on the Vermont Judiciary website.

What Steps To Take for an Uncontested Divorce in Vermont

For an uncontested divorce, you need to:

  1. Download and fill out the court forms—You can do it alone, i.e., you don’t need to hire a lawyer
  2. Prepare a divorce settlement agreementRegister for DoNotPay to get efficient assistance
  3. File the required paperwork—You can deliver or mail it to your or your spouse’s county’s court

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