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Divorce Settlement Agreement Get the Scoop on the Ventura County Divorce Process NOW!

How To Get a Stress-Free Ventura County Divorce

Ending a marriage is slightly less complicated and time-consuming when you’re familiar with the process. To file for divorce in California, or more precisely, in Ventura County, you must gather details about the laws and regulations you should follow.

This guide will show you how to qualify for an uncontested dissolution, which documents you need to prepare, and how to file for a low-cost Ventura County divorce.

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All About Divorce in Ventura County, CA

The first step to getting a divorce in Ventura County is checking the residency requirements. If you don’t meet these criteria, the court doesn’t have legal jurisdiction over your case and must dismiss it.

To get a divorce in Ventura County, either you or your spouse has to meet the following requirements:

  • Being a California resident for at least six consecutive months before petitioning
  • Living in Ventura County for a minimum of three months prior to filing for divorce

When filing for dissolution of marriage—regardless of the type—you need to state legal reasons for divorce. California is the first state to recognize and adopt the no-fault divorce idea that absolves both parties from guilt. This means that the court will grant you the dissolution if it finds that irreconcilable differences caused the breakdown of the marriage.

Can I Have a Cheap Ventura County Divorce?

With an average cost of $17,500, California takes first place as the most expensive state for divorce. The state has the highest filing fees ranging from $435 to $450. The filing fees are not to blame—attorneys’ fees are. Another factor that determines the cost of a divorce is the method or the complexity of the case. The best way to lower your expenses is to file for a summary dissolution.

A summary dissolution is a type of uncontested divorce. It's a quicker and cheaper method than the regular divorce. It is an ideal option for couples who ended their marriage on amicable terms and can negotiate any issues between themselves.

You and your spouse qualify for a summary dissolution if you:

  • Have no children together—biological or adopted
  • Have been married for five years or less
  • Aren’t requesting alimony
  • Don’t have unpaid debts over $6,000
  • Have no marital assets over $45,000 in total
  • Have no separate assets worth over $45,000 total

If you don’t qualify for a summary dissolution, don't fret! You can get a regular uncontested divorce, provided that you and your spouse can agree on the following:

Another important part of having an uncontested divorce is writing a divorce settlement agreement. This legal document serves as proof that you’ve settled your issues and agreed upon the terms of your divorce.

How To Prepare the Paperwork for an Uncontested Divorce in Ventura County

You can find the required documents on the California Courts and the County of Ventura government websites. Crucial uncontested divorce papers you need to find, fill out, and send are:

  • Petition—Marriage/Domestic Partnership (Form FL-100)
  • Summons
  • Proof of Service of Summons
  • Property Declaration
  • Divorce Settlement Agreement

If you’re filing for an uncontested divorce with children, you should also include the following forms:

  • Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
  • Child Custody and Visitation Application Attachment (optional)

How To File for Divorce in Ventura County

After making sure you qualify for an uncontested dissolution and preparing the right paperwork, you can proceed to file for divorce. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Make several copies of each divorce paper—You need at least one copy for your records and another for your spouse
  2. File the original documents at the local clerk’s office—Take the original documents and both copies and head down to the district court of Ventura County (Family Law Filing Window). Pay the filing fee or sign a fee waiver request if you cannot afford to pay the fee
  3. Serve divorce papers to your spouse if you’re not co-petitioners—Have someone older than 18 personally deliver copies of divorce papers to your spouse. After delivering the papers, the person who served your spouse must complete and sign the Proof of Service form
  4. Attend the hearing or wait for the court-issued Judgment of Dissolution—Unless you’re getting a summary dissolution, you should attend the hearing. The judge will examine your divorce settlement agreement and decide whether to finalize your divorce or not

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Divorce in California

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