How to File a Complaint Against Vanquis Debt Recovery Debt Collectors

Stop Debt Collectors How to File a Complaint Against Vanquis Debt Recovery Debt Collectors

How to File a Complaint Against Vanquis Debt Recovery Debt Collectors

A bank and lending service based in the UK, Vanquis debt recovery debt collectors offers credit cards, loans, savings bonds, and more to those with just about any credit history. These services can be a major help, especially if you're trying to rebuild or improve your credit.

However, things can sometimes go sideways and you might find yourself unable to make payments on your debt. Being extremely late on your payments could encourage harassing calls from debt collectors and damage your credit report as well.

If Vanquis debt collection is edging on harassment and you’re not quite sure how to proceed, DoNotPay can help.

Who Is 0194 237 5402 and Why Are They Calling Me?

Calls from 0194 237 5402 are from Vanquis debt recovery debt collectors trying to get you to pay them money. Whether it's your credit card, loan payments, or just to bother you, they will continue calling you to try to make you pay off the debts they say you have.

Some people report getting between four and eight calls per day. Calls from Vanquis or on Vanquis' behalf are reported to be a mix of humans and machines, though none of them is all that keen on being reasoned with.

Vanquis Contact Details

If you need to contact Vanquis to discuss their collections, you can do so in the following ways:

Phone0330 099 3129
Mailing AddressVanquis Visa Card Customer Services,

PO Box 399, Chatham ME4 4WQ

Is Vanquis a Scam?

Vanquis is not a scam. The company is a legitimate banking and loan service. If they are calling or mailing you things, it's likely because you have an existing debt with them from using one of their services.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Debt to Vanquis?

There are a few things that happen when you don't pay your debts to Vanquis. While things may work out slightly differently depending on how much you owe, what you owe on and how you intend to resolve things, the general timeline will go something like this:

  • You'll be contacted by Vanquis with an initial notice of your debts and a request to pay.
  • If you don't respond, you'll continue to be contacted by phone or mail. Attempts to contact you will grow in frequency the longer you wait.
  • After enough time without answering (usually a few months), you'll receive a notice you're being sued for the debt.

Alternatively, if you do answer an initial contact with the company, you'll likely be given more leeway and time to pay. This is especially true if you do pay, but be wary of doing this immediately. If you make that initial payment or acknowledge that you owe that debt, they can continue to hound you for it until it's paid in full, no matter how long that takes.

What to Do if You Don’t Owe the Debt With Vanquis

Sometimes, Vanquis or another company may try to shake you down for a debt you don't owe. Paying off a debt you accrued on your own is one thing, but paying for a mistake or someone else's debt is not something you should have to do. 

If you think this might describe your situation, here are some things you can do to get it reversed:

  1. Verify the Debt - To confirm that the debt is not yours or that it is the right amount, request that the company verify the debts before they contact you again. If the debt does not belong to you, this manual check should reveal that.

Once that's discovered, your debt should be wiped clean. Alternatively, if the debt does come back attached to you but you believe it is not yours, you may have a case of identity theft to deal with.

  1. Contact an Ombudsman - A financial ombudsman is a third party who will look into your debt situation to ensure everything has been done correctly and within the confines of the law. If Vanquis or its collectors have not been obeying the law, such as those surrounding harassment over debts, this should be corrected. In the best-case scenario, your debt might be waived altogether.
  1. Sue in Small Claims Court - If Vanquis refuses to work with you and continues to charge you for debt that isn't yours, you can take them to court (potentially with DoNotPay's help). Not only will you be able to have the debt waived, but you may also be able to get compensation for harassment, distress, and laws violated during the collections process. 

Keep in mind that you should not take legal action without consulting with a lawyer or other professional first, as these people will know if you really have a case, to begin with.

How Long Can Debt Collectors Collect Debt From Me?

There is a statute of limitations on how long a company has to collect on its debt. According to the Limitations Act 1980, most debts are only valid for six years. This is contingent upon you paying or acknowledging your debt during that time. If you do not do either of these even once during the six years, the debts are automatically waived.

Get Debt Help With DoNotPay!

If you're unable to deal with Vanquis' debt collectors on your own, you can get some help from DoNotPay. All you have to do is answer a quick set of questions to get us started:

  1. Search "debt collection" on DoNotPay.


  2. Answer a series of questions about the debt collectors, including when you were contacted and how you were contacted, so we can determine if they have violated any debt collection laws.


  3. Decide which course of action you want to take based on our guidance, such as filing a debt verification request, demanding for the collectors to stop contacting you, or reporting them to a professional trade association.


And that's it! Once you choose the course of action you want to take, DoNotPay will handle the rest. We'll deliver your request directly to the debt collectors via first-class mail, or file your complaint automatically with the relevant trade association or ombudsman.

DoNotPay Will Help You Deal With Debt Collectors From All Over

In addition to Vanquis Bank, DoNotPay will help fight debt collectors from various other institutions. Here are a few other collection agencies that we can deal with on your behalf:

With our help, you can fight back and get the best solution possible for your situation.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

After dealing with Vanquis' debt collectors, DNP can also assist you in other areas. Some of our other services include:

No matter what problem you might be having, DoNotPay can help you solve it. Try the app today so you can start saving!

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