Vacant Land Purchase Agreement Explained in Detail

Standardized Legal Documents Vacant Land Purchase Agreement Explained in Detail

The Key to Understanding a Vacant Land Purchase Agreement

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Vacant Land Purchase Agreement—Learn What It Is Before You Sign It

A vacant land purchase agreement is a written contract that outlines the terms of purchasing vacant land to establish the conditions, due diligence time, and contingencies of a land deal.

Besides the vacant land purchase agreement (land contract), there are similar purchase agreements for other real estate property, such as apartments and houses.

A vacant land purchase agreement is a contract that employs seller financing, and it holds benefits for both parties.

When Is a Vacant Land Purchase Agreement Useful?

Not many sellers wish to take the risk of financing the sale of their real estate, but there are many benefits they can reap from this contract. Thanks to vacant land purchase agreements, they:

  • Can sell vacant land faster because many buyers can’t afford mortgages or get the necessary approval
  • Can get more money for their property, but they won’t get it upfront
  • May receive cash down payment if the buyer agrees to it

The buyers have perhaps even greater benefits. Thanks to a vacant land purchase agreement, they:

  • Can have bad credit history and still buy vacant land
  • May pay for a property in monthly installments, instead of paying the full amount upfront
  • Can be indebted to a person who may have more patience and understanding than mortgage clerks

It’s imperative to discuss the details of any land purchase agreement with a real estate lawyer, no matter if you’re a seller or a buyer.

Vacant Land Purchase Agreement—The Most Important Elements

Vacant land purchase agreements need to be drafted carefully, with attention to detail. Otherwise, they may backfire and cause headaches to everyone involved. Every vacant land purchase agreement should contain these sections:

Vacant Land Purchase Agreement SectionsExplanation
Personal details of all partiesThe buyer and the seller must disclose their full names, addresses, and any other required information
The effective dateA contract must have a clear purpose and effective date, as well as a closing date on which the seller will transfer the deed to the vacant land to the buyer
Description of the propertyThe seller must provide a precise description of the land and make sure nothing is left out
PriceThe parties need to negotiate and come to a clear final price of the property
DepositAt least a low deposit is a nice touch and a guarantee that the buyer is serious
Seller financingAll the terms and details of seller financing must be disclosed, e.g., mortgage, interest rates, etc.
Inspection rightsThe buyer can and should inspect the land before a purchase
Real estate agent detailsAll real estate brokers should be named, and their fees must be specified
SignaturesAll parties must add their signatures next to the date of signing

Note that these elements aren’t set in stone. Many additions and changes could be necessary to match your particular circumstances, so don’t trust online contract templates that claim they’re perfect.

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We also have a land contract form guide and land contract guides for multiple states, including:

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