Utah Jury Duty—What You Need To Know

Request Jury Duty Leave Utah Jury Duty—What You Need To Know

The Ins and Outs of Utah Jury Duty

Jury duty is an important civic obligation that ensures a fair trial for all U.S. citizens. If you have been summoned for a Utah jury duty, you need to know:

Read our comprehensive guide and learn how to prepare for jury duty. If you are reluctant to ask your employer to give you time off, turn to DoNotPay and let us create a top-notch jury duty leave request letter in a snap!

The Basics of Utah Jury Duty

Jury members in Utah are chosen by computer software from the list of registered voters. Selected candidates need to appear in court and answer a few questions meant to determine if they qualify for jury service. Lawyers from both sides interview the shortlisted pool of candidates and choose 12 jury members to attend the trial.

Jury duty in Utah lasts from one day to the entire duration of the trial—depending on whether you got chosen in the last round.

Utah Jury Duty Exemptions

In Utah, you can request to be excused from jury duty if you are:

  • Mentally or physically ill
  • Over 70 years old
  • A parent or legal guardian of children under the age of ten
  • Critical to the success of your business

If you want to be excused from jury service, you need to submit an application to the court with supporting documents validating your request.

Jury Duty Pay in Utah

In Utah, employers are not required to give wages to staff members when they miss work due to jury duty. To compensate for that, courts offer nominal pay to jurors for serving on a jury. Check out the table below to see how federal and county jurors are paid for each day of jury service:

Type of JurorCompensation
County juror$18.5
Federal juror$50

In addition to the daily compensation, you can also request reimbursement for the following expenses:

  1. Traveling costs
  2. Parking fees

Can Your Employer Prevent You From Serving on a Jury?

According to state law, employers cannot prohibit their subordinates from taking time off for jury duty. Employers are liable to a $500 fine or up to six months imprisonment if they coerce you into skipping jury duty. If your boss threatens to terminate you, consider filing a complaint with the court clerk’s office. In case you have been fired, you can file a lawsuit for reinstatement and recovery of wages.

How To Tell Your Employer That You Need Time Off

You need to tell your employer that you received a jury duty summons as soon as possible so that they can delegate your tasks to other team members. Apart from informing them orally, you should also write them a formal jury duty leave request letter. Your letter should be accompanied by the jury summons verifying your service.

DoNotPay Can Help You Draft a Jury Duty Leave Request Letter

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  4. Attach a photo of the jury summons

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