How To Develop Your USPTO Trademark Fees Budget

Trademark Registration How To Develop Your USPTO Trademark Fees Budget

Breaking Down USPTO Trademark Fees

Looking for help with totaling your USPTO trademark fees? No wonder because figuring out what you have to pay can be a complicated calculation.

Failing to pay the correct fees can result in a denial of your application, which is why this process is crucial. If you do not have the time to handle it yourself, you can .

Basic Information About Trademarks

A trademark is legal protection of a specific intellectual property type managed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) at the federal level. You can trademark any of the following parts of your brand:

You need to formally register these parts of your brand if you want to protect them from unauthorized use. Service marks are similar in that they protect branding associated with a service. Copyright protects works of authorship and is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Copyright Office.

USPTO Trademark Filing Fees 101

The USPTO facilitates the classification, application, and management procedures for federal trademarks. Along with submitting examples of your mark and information about your business, you must pay a service charge for every action you take with the USPTO.

USPTO Filing Services

The USPTO offers two primary filing services priced at different rates. They are designed to meet the trademark registration needs of two types of businesses.


TEAS Plus comes with a $250 charge for each class. This service is ideal for small businesses whose brand fits into a set description already present in the Trademark ID manual.

TEAS Standard

TEAS Standard applications cost $350 for each class. This service is for businesses that require a custom definition of their brand. If your product or service does not fall under a preset definition, you will need to file using this service.

Primary USPTO Filing Fees

The USPTO trademark fee schedule lists fees in a series of categories:

  • Application fees
  • Post-registration fees
  • Service fees

Application Fees

The filing process includes various fees:

DescriptionFee amount
Application §66(a), for each class$500.00
TEAS Standard, for each class$350.00
TEAS Plus, for each class$250.00
Failure to meet TEAS Plus requirements, for each class$100.00
Amendment to allege use (AAU), for each class$100.00
Statement of use (SOU), for each class$100.00
Six-month extension request (SOU), for each class$125.00
Application divide request, per new application created$100.00

Post-Registration Fees

After successfully registering your brand, you will need to take action to maintain and manage its renewal. Associated fees include:

DescriptionFee amount
§9 registration renewal application, for each class$300.00
§9 registration renewal application grace period fee, for each class$100.00
§9 registration renewal application deficiency fee$100.00
§8 declaration, for each class$225.00
§8 declaration grace period fee, for each class$100.00
§8 declaration deficiency fee$100.00
§15 declaration, for each class$200.00
Combined §8 and §15 declarations, for each class$425.00
Combined §8 and §15 declarations filed during the grace period, for each class$525.00
Combined §8 declaration and §9 renewals, for each class$525.00
Combined §8 declaration and §9 renewals both filed during the grace period, for each class$725.00
§12(c) affidavit, for each class$100.00
New registration certificate$100.00
Corrected registration certificate, registrant's error$100.00
Adding a disclaimer to a registration$100.00
Amending registration for other than adding a disclaimer$100.00
Deleting only goods/services/classes from registration, before filing §8 declaration, and making no other changes$0.00
Deleting goods/services/classes from registration, after filing §8 declaration and before acceptance, for each class$250.00

Service Fees

Requesting copies of key documentation and other USPTO administrative tasks come with the following charges:

DescriptionFee amount
Printed duplicate of registration, delivery by USPS, USPTO box, or electronic means$3.00
Certified duplicate of registration, with title and/or status, regular service$15.00
Certified duplicate of registration, with title and/or status, expedited local service$30.00
Certified duplicate of domestic application as filed$15.00
Certified or uncertified duplicate of application/registration file$50.00
Certified or uncertified duplicate of trademark document, unless otherwise provided$25.00
Abstracts of title and certification per registration$25.00
Recording trademark assignment, agreement, or another ownership document, first mark per document$40.00
Recording trademark assignment, agreement or another ownership document, second and subsequent marks in the same document$25.00
Additional fee for expedited service$160.00
Additional fee for overnight delivery$40.00

Are USPTO Trademark Fees Worth the Money?

While you are not required to trademark your brand, there are many advantages to doing so. Trademarks are protected by a series of strict laws that provide legal recourse against companies that infringe on your brand.

By trademarking your brand, you protect the value that you have developed in it. It is an essential step for growing businesses to take as they enter new markets and face cut-throat competition.

DoNotPay Will Help With Your Trademark Budget

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