How Do USAA Credit Cards' Cash Back Rewards Work?

Get Cash Back How Do USAA Credit Cards' Cash Back Rewards Work?

Are USAA Cashback Credit Cards Your Best Choice?

USAA is not a bank in the traditional sense. While it's a huge financial institution today, its roots lay in Texas. One hundred years ago, a few US Army members struggled to find affordable auto insurance because they were deemed high risk. They launched USAA as a way to self-insure, and the company has grown since then. Today, USAA offers auto insurance, life insurance, investments, and USAA cashback credit cards

You don't need to be in the US armed forces to take advantage of USAA cash back credit cards. Anyone can apply for them. But the question is, "Is a USAA cashback credit card your best choice?"

DoNotPay has the unbiased answers you need. Today, we'll explore all there is to know about USAA credit cards. You'll learn about interest rates, other benefits, and how you can discover the best credit cards using DoNotPay - the world's first robot lawyer.

About USAA Cashback Credit Cards

The table below explores key points about USAA cashback credit cards. We pulled these numbers from the USAA website

Credit card typeVisa
Cashback rewards1.5% on qualifying purchases
Category restrictionsNone
Rates11.9% to 25.9%, depending on your credit score or credit history
Annual feeNo
Foreign transaction feeNo
Cash advance fee3%

There are a few other benefits to dealing with USAA for your credit card needs.

More Benefits From USAA Cashback Credit Cards

As you see, the cashback percentage available from USAA isn't always the highest amount. In other words, other credit cards might kick back a little more money. But if you travel abroad, a USAA cashback credit card might be the best choice. Between zero foreign transaction fees and other benefits for travelers, they're a strong choice.

Consider these other benefits for frequent travelers:

  • Auto rental insurance coverage
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance
  • Lost baggage reimbursements
  • Online concierge service for event tickets
  • Zero liability policy for fraudulent charges
  • 24/7 customer service, which is ideal when you're operating in another time zone

It's easy to see why people who travel often find these services more valuable than an extra few bucks in the form of cashback rewards.

USAA Offers 2 Other Credit Cards With Cashback Options

In addition to the Visa card we've discussed above, USAA has two more choices for you.

  1. USAA Rewards Signature Visa: it's best for people who buy more merchandise and gift cards.
  2. USAA Rate Advantage Visa Platinum: for individuals who need cash advances, regular purchases, and frequent balance transfers

If you're still not sure USAA has the best cashback credit card for your needs, let DoNotPay investigate the issue for you. With just a few clicks, you can use the app to shop and compare all the cashback cards and pick the one that suits your needs.

How to Use DoNotPay to Compare Cashback Credit Cards

Your choice of a cashback credit card can save (or cost) you hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year. This is an important decision! DoNotPay has you covered. With just a few clicks, you can peruse different cards, compare them, and figure out which option is the best choice.

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Cool Story, but I Still Don’t Understand Cashback Rewards Programs

If you're unsure how cashback works, you won't feel confident choosing a card. We understand. Let's break it down into digestible points.

What Are Cashback Rewards Programs?

Cashback programs are marketing offers used by credit cards to attract new customers and retain them. They're usually based on a percentage of paid purchases. 

For instance, let's imagine you're using the USAA Visa card highlighted in this article. You use the card to spend:

  • $1,000 on airfare for vacation
  • $1,000 on food and drinks
  • $1,000 on tours and entertainment

You return from vacation and payback that $3,000. At 1.5%, you've earned $45 in cashback. This credit is usually applied towards your next bill, but some companies will allow you to ask for a check.

How to Choose a Cashback Credit Card With Confidence

Again, the USAA cashback credit card may not be the best card for your lifestyle. If you don't travel a lot, you might not care about the extra travel perks. Some cashback cards offer higher percentages for certain types of purchases. These could include:

  • Groceries
  • Business supplies
  • Gasoline
  • Entertainment
  • Merchandise and gifts

So you'll need to weigh your spending habits against the benefits offered by each card. It's usually a huge hassle, but DoNotPay makes it easy.

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