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US Embassy London Address + More

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If you’re looking to get in touch with the U.S Embassy in London, the United Kingdom’s capital city, this article will serve as a guide to help you get in touch with them. Some specific answers you’ll find in the sections below are:

  • Is the U.S Embassy in London open?
  • How can I contact the U.S Embassy in London?
  • How can I schedule an appointment with the U.S Embassy in London?
  • Is there a better way to contact the U.S Embassy in London?

The U.S Embassy in London

The U.S Embassy in London is the diplomatic center for all American affairs in the U.S.  The embassy oversees two consulates in Belfast and Edinburgh, catering to over 250,000+ U.S citizens living in the U.K.

Where is the U.S Embassy in London Located?

The U.S Embassy in London is located on Nine Elms Lane in South West London. There are two bus stations just a few steps away from the embassy office.

If you are coming from London Heathrow Airport, the easiest route is through Fagg's way, right on to Great South West Road, and onto Ponton Road before Elms street. The journey through this route is 17 miles and would take approximately 40 minutes to get to the U.S Embassy. 

How Can I Contact The U.S Embassy in London?

There are quite a number of ways you can contact the U.S embassy in London. Use the table below to get the embassy’s contact information:

Address33 Nine Elms Lane

London, SW11 7US

United Kingdom

Phone(44) (0) 20 7499 9000

 011 44 20 7499 9000 (for persons outside London)

       (0) 20 7499 9000 (for outside hours)

Office Hours8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Monday to Friday

Consulate Services At The U.S Embassy in London

Like most U.S embassies across the world, the U.S embassy in London offers the following diplomatic services for its U.S citizens:

Visa services

Due to COVID-19, the U.S placed restrictions for travelers coming from the U.K. You may need to check with U.S travel regulations to know when this will be lifted.

If you are a U.K. citizen or a foreigner living in the U.K and are looking to travel to the U.S, there is a broad range of visa types that can be issued depending on your reasons for traveling. A few common types are:

Visa codeVisa type
B-1Athlete competing for reward/Business visitor
JExchange visitor
ADiplomat or foreign government representative
OForeigners gifted with extraordinary ability in Sciences, Arts, Sports, Education, or Business.
LIntra-company transferee
B-2Medical treatment purpose
PPerforming athlete, artist, or entertainer
J, H-1BDoctor and Physician
JTeacher, Scholar, Professor
F, MAcademic or vocational student
B-2Tourism, vacation, pleasure visitor
VSpouse and children of a U.S permanent resident
H-3Primary training

You can make inquiries about the cost-specific requirements needed for any of these categories by contacting the embassy.

Passport Services

If you are a U.S citizen, you are able to travel to the U.S with your passport only - no need for a visa. You should check with the U.K embassy in Washington D.C to know if you need a visa to return to the U.K.

The U.S Embassy in London helps issue new passports for lost, stolen, or expired passports, including first-time applications and applications for children below the age of 16.

Due to COVID-19, all U.S passports that are due to expire on the 1st of January, 2020 have been given an extended validity period of one year, until December, 2021. 

Citizenship services

At the U.S Embassy in London, you can register your presence in the U.K. You can also get a certificate of birth for children born to U.S parents.

Notarial services

Other services like the authentication of documents, reports, and licenses, veteran care guides, tax procedures, voting, and election guides, and travel advice for all countries in the world can be received from the embassy.

However, unlike other embassies, here is a list of notary services that the U.S Embassy in London does not offer:

  • Birth, Death, and Marriage certification
  • Academic credential certification
  • Criminal background check

Contact the U.S Embassy in London with AI

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