How To Protect your Money And Avoid Uphold Fees

Fight and Waive Fees How To Protect your Money And Avoid Uphold Fees

How to Fight and Waive Uphold Fees

Uphold is an industry-leading cryptocurrency broker, providing users with over 60 coins. It also provides users with access to other investment markets, such as precious metals, national currencies, and stocks. In addition, Uphold allows the ability and convenience of trading directly between any two assets.

As with any other cryptocurrency broker, Uphold has fees typically attached to transactions. While you can enjoy no deposit or withdrawal fees, expect to pay a charge when trading. Uphold typically doesn't charge trading commissions but tends to charge a spread.

Whether you are simply trying to save money on trading or not able to pay the , you can attempt to fight and waive these fees. Check out this guide on how to waive Uphold fees, either alone or with the help of DoNotPay.

Uphold Fees Explained

As previously mentioned,  spread for every trade you make on the platform. Below is how Uphold describes their spreads for the varying assets.

  • Assets
  • Spread
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • In Europe and the US, the spread is usually 0.8-1.2% on Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).
  • In other areas globally, the spread on the majors is usually 1.8%.
  • Generally, spreads may be notably higher for low-liquidity cryptocurrencies and tokens such as DOGE, UPT, OXT, ZIP, and XRP, among others.
  • Precious metal
  • Spread is usually 3% on top of the bid-ask prices
  • Fiat Currency
  • Spread is usually 0.2% between primary national currencies like GBP, USD, and EUR
  • US Equities
  • Spread is usually 1%. However, if you are trading outside market hours, the broker adds a small spread depending on the stock's volatility.

The spreads on Uphold are considered reasonable when compared to other brokers. The spreads are typically around 2%, which is less than most coins on other brokers such as eToro. Through a trustworthy broker that has been in the market since 2005, Uphold still has unclear fees.

Does Uphold Have Hidden Fees?

Most crypto brokers provide their trading fees as a percentage of the amount of the transaction. This way, you know how much you pay for each trade. Unfortunately, Uphold doesn't charge percentage fees. They instead opt to include the fees in the spread (which is the difference between the sell and buy prices). As such, you can't really tell the fee amount, making it difficult to compare between brokers.

How to Fight and Waive Uphold Fees by Yourself

Apart from the affordable service fees that range from $2-$4 on Uphold, trading fees(what is known as spreads) may be high for different traders. Your first instinct may be to avoid these Uphold fees to help you maximize your trading profits.

Since Uphold doesn't charge a dime for depositing or withdrawing, the broker doesn't provide clear steps for its customers to waive these fees. You may attempt to fight these fees yourself by doing the logical thing of reaching out to their customer service reps. However, the high chances are you may not succeed in fighting Uphold fees.

How to Fight and Waive Uphold Fees With the Help Of DoNotPay

On the bright side, DoNotPay provides users with a clear avenue to help fight and waive a wide range of fees. You will spend significantly less time fighting the Uphold fees with the help of DoNotPay. Moreover, you stand higher chances of actually avoiding these fees since DoNotPay uses all available resources to fight your case on your behalf. If you want to fight and waive Uphold fees, DoNotPay has got you covered in a few easy steps, including:

  1. Search "appeal fees" on DoNotPay, choose the Fight and Waive Fees product, and select the type of fee you want to appeal.
  2. Select the merchant you want to appeal fees for and enter the details of your transaction, including an associated account if you have one.
  3. Submit your case! DoNotPay will generate the best argument for your case and make sure your fee waiver request gets sent to the merchant for processing.

 with DoNotPay to fight and waive your Uphold fees in short, clear steps.

DoNotPay Works Across All Platforms

DoNotPay is a universal service provider when it comes to fighting and waiving fees. DoNotPay can also assist with:

eBay feesCoinbase fees
Robinhood feesPaypal seller fees
Spirit Airlines baggage feesAmerican Airlines baggage fees
Chase Bank checking account fees Etsy fees
Homeowners Association (HOA) feesShopify fees

How Else Can DoNotPay Help? 

DoNotPay can help you with any services revolving around cryptocurrencies. However, other services you can expect from DoNotPay include;

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File a complaint against any company

Head over to DoNotPay's product  to start the process of fighting and waiving your Uphold fees.

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