A Detailed Guide to Getting an Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana

Divorce Settlement Agreement A Detailed Guide to Getting an Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana

The Ins and Outs of Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana

Getting a divorce is painful, expensive, and time-consuming in most cases. Luckily, you can reduce the distress by opting for an uncontested divorce.

If you want to know how uncontested divorce in Louisiana works, you’re in the right place! DoNotPay provides insight into the divorce process in the Pelikan State.

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Louisiana Uncontested Divorce in a Nutshell

An uncontested divorce in Louisiana is a friendly marriage dissolution that enables couples to reach a settlement without going to court. It is a legal and permanent separation that the spouses can achieve if they:

  • Don’t have minor children
  • Have minor children, but agree on issues the custody, child support, health insurance, parenting plan, and parental responsibilities
  • Don’t request alimony or can agree on its terms
  • Agree on the division of debts, real property, and financial assets
  • Respect each other’s wishes and demands
  • Have a written settlement agreement

Grounds for Divorce in Louisiana

Louisiana is one of 14 states that still recognize both no-fault and fault-based legal reasons for divorce and one of only three states that allow covenant marriages. Determining which grounds apply for your divorce can be demanding—you should check out the table below for clarification:

No-Fault DivorceFault-Based DivorceCovenant Marriage Dissolution
  • Separation or living apart for at least 180 days if you don’t have minor children together
  • Separation or living apart for a minimum of 365 days if you have minor children
  • Adultery
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Physical or sexual abuse towards you, your children, or step-children
  • Adultery
  • Felony conviction
  • Abandonment for at least one year
  • Separation for at least two years
  • Separation for two years from the date when the legal separation was signed
  • Sexual or physical abuse towards the spouse or children

Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana—Requirements

You have to meet residency requirements for the court to accept your petition and start the process. If you can’t prove you’re a Louisiana resident, the court won’t have jurisdiction over your case and will have to dismiss your petition.

Louisiana residency requirements include:

  • Living in the state for a minimum of six months before the beginning of the divorce process
  • Living out of state but keeping the official residency in Louisiana

How Much Does Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana Cost?

The cost of divorce depends on numerous factors, including methods, duration, marital property, and children you have together. An uncontested divorce in Louisiana usually costs between $500 and $1,500.

For this type of divorce, the biggest expenses come from:

  • Attorney’s fees ranging from $150 to $300 per hour
  • Filing fees that vary from $250 to $400

Another advantage of an uncontested divorce is that you don’t need a lawyer. Opting for a DIY marriage dissolution—getting a divorce without a lawyer—will help you reduce expenses significantly.

You can lower the cost of your divorce even more! If you don’t have enough money, you can request the court to waive your filing fees.

How To File for Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana

Here’s a step-by-step guide to filing for an uncontested divorce in Louisiana:

  1. Prepare the paperwork—You can find Louisiana divorce forms by visiting your local clerk's office in your county or online. Keep in mind that online divorce services that offer to prepare and file the paperwork in your name often have sky-high fees
  2. Fill out the forms—You need to fill out, sign, and get the petition and other documents notarized for an uncontested divorce
  3. Make copies of every document—Once you complete all the required forms, you should make at least two copies of each (one for your records and the other for your spouse)
  4. Serve divorce papers to your spouse—Have a third person serve your spouse with divorce papers if you’re not co-petitioners
  5. Draft a divorce settlement agreement—The most budget-friendly and cost-effective way to draw up a divorce settlement agreement is with DoNotPay
  6. Attend the hearing—The county clerk will schedule the hearing. The judge will examine your case and make the decision based on the paperwork and your representation

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  2. Provide information about your spouse, property, and children (if any)
  3. Tell us how you’d like to allocate your assets

We’ll check your state’s rules and requirements and use the information you provided to draft a rock-solid divorce settlement agreement. Once you and your spouse sign the agreement, we’ll help you get it notarized—everything you need to do is specify that you need a notary while filling out our questionnaire!

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