How to Get UiPath Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

How to Get UiPath Free Trial With a Virtual Credit Card

UiPath is a robotic process automation computer program for end-to-end demanding automation. Since its onset in 2005, UiPath has been one of the giants in the world of RPA. With its three essential products, Studio, Robot, and Orchestrator, UiPath transforms tedious tasks into automated processes. Organizations use it to automate repetitive office tasks. However, before implementing this essential software in your organization, you'll want to know whether you can freely try its features.

Read on to understand whether you can get an  and how. You'll also learn how DoNotPay can help you avoid spending any money on UiPath and other free trials.

What Are the Features of UiPath?

has the following features and capabilities that have made it stand out in the RPA industry:

  • Different hosting options, including cloud or virtual environments.
  • Offers various applications in addition to the web and desktop applications
  • Centralized repository to easily manage and handle all robots
  • High levels of scalability and robustness
  • Advanced screen scraping solutions
  • Effortlessly build and test automation
  • Managing, deploying, and optimizing automation
  • Discover different AI-powered automation solutions for your organization
  • Run automation using robots interacting with your applications and data

With all these appealing features, it’s easy to see why you’d like to test it out with  

Does UiPath Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, it does. UiPath offers a 60-day free trial when you download the software before buying a license. After downloading the software, the free trial period allows you to view and test all UiPath features. You can use the  as long as you are a registered user on the platform.

How Can I Get an UiPath Free Trial?

UiPath gives you 60 days to try all its features for free. To start your UiPath free trial:

  1. Click on the UiPath community website link
  2. Then click the 'Get Community Edition' button
  3. Enter all required details ( name, email address, field of expertise, your company name, and industry)
  4. Click on 'Request Community Edition'
  5. You'll receive an email from UiPath with the link to download the UiPath Community edition
  6. Click on the link, 'Download UiPath Studio Community', and your download will start automatically
  7. After the UiPath download is complete, you can click on the setup file to begin the setup process
  8. Once UiPath is installed, click on 'Start Free Trial
  9. On the next screen, key in your email address, and the Device ID will be detected automatically
  10. Click on 'Activate' to start using the software.

After that, you can use the UiPath interface to try out some of their features to see whether they fulfill your needs.

Does the UiPath Free Trial Automatically Renew Into a Paid Subscription?

No. Since UiPath's free trial doesn't need a credit card when signing up, there is no possibility of automatic renewal.

However, you can cancel your UiPath paid subscription at any time to ensure that it expires at the end of the current billing period. People tend to forget to cancel their subscriptions, which makes them incur extra costs. You can cancel any company's subscription at any time using DoNotPay.

How to Avoid Automatic Payments With DoNotPay Virtual Credit Card

With so many platforms and software offering free trials, you're likely to find it challenging to keep track of them or sometimes forget to cancel your free trial subscriptions. As such, you'd not want to waste your money on subscriptions that you did not plan for. That's why DoNotPay is here to help you avoid that. You can use our virtual credit card to zero the risk when signing up for a free trial.

DoNotPay will randomly generate valid credit card numbers that you can use as your payment method. However, since the card is not linked to any of your physical bank accounts, you'll not incur any costs after the free trial period ends. Typically, there is no money to deduct from the card. Therefore, our free virtual credit card ensures that the service provider automatically cancels your subscription.

How Much Does UiPath Cost After the Trial?

How much you'll pay for your subscription depends on how you want to implement the UiPath software. UiPath offers four pricing plans for its clients, which are:

  1. Automation Developer plan
  2. Unattended Automation plan
  3. Automation Team
  4. Enterprise and Medium Business plan

You can apply for the Automation Developer plan if you're a business user or automation developer automating for yourself. The Unattended Automation plan is best for users automating for their team, while the Automation Team is for teams automating for their business groups. The Enterprise and Medium Business plans offer flexible automation solutions for medium and large businesses. Let's break down the costs in the table below:

Pricing planCosts per month
Automation Developer Plan$420
Unattended Automation Plan$1380
Automation Team$1930
Enterprise and Medium Business planContact sales team

For the Enterprise and Medium Business plan, you're required to contact the UiPath sales team to find the prices that suit your business. You can use DoNotPay's customer service product to jump the queue when contacting UiPath's customer service team. You can also demand a refund if the company has a refund policy allowing the same.

What Are the Most Popular Alternatives to UiPath?

Looking for an alternative RPA tool? Let's look at the different reputable UiPath alternatives.

RPA toolPricingAdvantages
Automation Anywhere 360$600Stable and reliable RPA

Easy integration

Extended functionality

Increased speed

Saves on costs

Blue Prism$1000 per yearPowerful, stable and reliable

Has a good reputation


Easy-to-use user interface

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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