How To Draw Up a Trust Agreement Easily

Standardized Legal Documents How To Draw Up a Trust Agreement Easily

Quick Ways To Draft a Trust Agreement

Are you looking for a way to draft your trust agreement without having to waste time and money on legal advisors? You’re in luck! We provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to draw up your agreement effortlessly!

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Understanding the Trust Agreement

The trust agreement is used as a legally binding contract between at least two parties. The agreement serves as a way for one party to transfer assets to another. The assets can include property, funds, real estate, ownership rights, and more.

The trust agreement should define the rules, duties, and responsibilities of everyone involved. This type of document is mostly used to ensure that the assets are transferred from one person to another after his or her demise. 

That’s not the only case when the trust agreement comes in handy. One of the benefits of the living trust agreement is that it allows you to distribute the assets however you see fit and change the arrangement whenever you want.

How Can I Create the Trust Agreement by Myself?

Drafting a contract can be troublesome, so let us take some burden off your back. We present you with a list of all the items you should incorporate in your trust agreement. We also make sure to explain every section in detail, so if you follow the list provided below, you’ll have your trust agreement ready in no time.

  1. Title and identification
  2. Definitions
  3. The distribution of trust property
  4. Debt payments and insurance policy
  5. Provisions
  6. Signatures

Title and Identification

The title should state Trust Agreement, and you should follow it up with the effective date of the agreement. In the first section, include the title of your agreement.


Explain each term you use in the agreement, such as:

  • Beneficiary
  • Effective date
  • Code
  • Eligible person

Elaborating on this helps the other parties understand everything clearly.

The Distribution of Trust Property

You have the authority to decide what happens with the disposition of the property. Appoint the duties for each party and state them in this section.

Say how the trust property will be distributed if anything happens to you. You have to decide how you want your assets to be distributed among family members or other parties. Make sure to specify the details of the distribution clearly.

Debt Payments and Insurance Policy

Define what should be done in case anything happens to you. Say who will be responsible for ensuring payments, taxes, and other expenses.

You hold the right to sell or transfer the insurance policy to another party. Make sure to state that and specify all the details regarding the insurance policy that may concern other parties.


At the end of your agreement, both you and the parties involved need to sign it. You will need to get two witnesses and have them sign the trust agreement.

Why Is Having the Trust Agreement a Good Idea?

If you are wondering whether the trust agreement is the right choice for you, look at the table below for a few benefits it provides.

Having a trust agreement can prove useful for several reasons, including:



Avoidance of ProbateWhen someone dies, the beneficiaries usually can’t access the inheritance right away but have to go through a process called probate. 

With the trust agreement, this procedure takes less time and is less complicated

PrivacyThe probate is an open process where a person’s assets become public knowledge. With the trust agreement, no one can access that private information even after someone’s death
FlexibilityYou have to transfer the ownership of your assets in the trust agreement, but you still have the flexibility to deal with them however you want to

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