Are Triton Credit Services Debt Collectors Harassing You?

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How to Stop Triton Credit Services’ Debt Collectors from Harassing You

If you've received a call or debt demand letter from a , you should respond and pay the amount you owe. The only problem is that debt collection companies - including Triton Credit Services - may violate consumer rights when collecting debts, but you can protect yourself against those ill practices.

While you may not escape the debts that you're legally mandated to pay (such as utility bills, council taxes, or property leasing fees), you can contact a debt collector to have the amount reduced or waived if you think they aren't treating you fairly. It could be Moorcroft, Marston Group Holdings, Advantis, DWP Debt Management, or any other authorised debt collection agency.

However, you may have problems if you don't know how to determine a collector's compliance with FCA practices or report cases of harassment to trade associations. But you can get the help you need using DoNotPay. In three simple steps, DoNotPay can help you fight for your consumer rights, from holding a debt collection agency accountable for their unfair practices to filing a loan refund claim.

Who Is 0843 557-0065 and Why Are They Calling Me?

If you receive calls from 0843 557-0065, that's Triton Credit Services contacting you to repay a debt you owe to your creditor. Usually, your lender passes your account to to collect the debt on their behalf.

If you get calls from Triton, they might be contacting you for the following reasons:

  • Collection of overdue credit card payments
  • You've fallen behind in your rent payments
  • Debt validation
  • Harass you to pay your debt

It's not advisable to ignore calls from a debt collection company, and they'll stop at nothing to get you to pay. Ignoring their calls may compel them to take you to court. That means you'll have to deal with law enforcement or receive a charging order if you own your home.

Here's the caveat: a debt collection agency like Lowell Financial may repeatedly call you or coerce you to pay your debt, which can be pretty annoying. You can legally fight for your rights if the agency unfairly treats you.

Triton Credit Services Contact Details

If you'd like to contact Triton Credit Services by yourself to inquire further details about your debt, here's a table with their updated contact details:

Headquarters Address36 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH2 2YB
Phone Number0845 301 5137

Is Triton Credit Services a Scam?

Triton Credit Services is a legitimate debt collection company approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Therefore, it's critical not to ignore its calls because you may face legal charges.

However, you might receive a call from Triton Online. That's a clone of the FCA authorised firm. It's crucial to be aware of such scammers and fraudsters, who may mix their contact details with the legitimate firm.

What Happens if I Don't Pay My Debt to Triton Credit Services?

Being an FCA-authorised debt collection firm, Triton Credit Services has the same legal powers as your creditor. They can chase you to pay the amount you owe, but they aren't allowed to harass you or call you at unreasonable times – before 8 am or past 9 pm.

If you decide to ignore its calls or fail to pay your debt, the company might take you to court to get a court order to take any of the following actions:

  1. Send bailiffs to recover personal goods and belongings to the value of the debt
  2. Obtain a County Court Judgement against you
  3. Apply for a charging order or an attachment of earnings order

Has Triton Credit Services Violated My Rights?

Harassment by Triton Credit Services or Marston Group Holding can come in several forms. The FCA specifies that debt collectors can't harass, coerce, oppress, or abuse you when they contact you.

Examples of harassment include:

  • Repetitious phone calls designed to annoy, harass, or abuse you or anyone answering the call
  • Threats of harm or violence
  • The use of profane or obscene language
  • Calling you without identifying themselves
  • Publishing the list of people with delinquent accounts or those who refuse to pay their debt
  • Issuing threats that failure to pay your debt is a criminal offence
  • Coming to your home or workplace without a court order
  • Pretending to work for a government agency; only DWP is authorized to recover debts owed to the government or local council.
  • Threats to have you arrested
  • Trying to collect a debt you don't owe
  • Contacting you through a social platform, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Alternative Ways to Resolve Customer Service Complaints

Suppose you've called Triton Credit Services explaining why you can't pay your debt, and they do not understand or contacted Provident or Amigo for a refund because of a mis-sold loan, and they decline your claim; in that case, you can use other alternative means to resolve the dispute.

Some of these options include:

1. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Schemes with the FCA

Through its Handbook CONC 7.3.2, the FCA clearly outlines the best debt collection practice that collectors must follow when chasing borrowers to pay their debts. The FCA can't handle your case directly. However, if you report a debt collection agency for violating your rights, the regulatory body can revoke or refuse the collector's authorization. It may also penalise or fine them for breaching the standard debt-collection procedures.

2. Financial Ombudsman Service

If you've complained to Triton Credit Card Services and they haven't sorted out the problem, you can involve a financial ombudsman service. Typically, consumers should contact an ombudsman within six months after the debt collector's last response to your case.

Once you contact an ombudsman, you should hear back from them within 10 business days. They'll provide you with a reference number, which you'll use to contact them. Your case will be handed over to a case handler who'll investigate and give you an initial assessment of the issue within 90 days (three months).

When to File a Complaint with a Financial Ombudsman Service

Below are situations that warrant the involvement of an ombudsman:

  • You're not the person who owes the debt
  • The debt collector is calling you repeatedly during the day
  • The amount indicated in your debt report is incorrect
  • You're financially constrained to pay the debt, and the collector isn't helping
  • The debt isn't enforceable

3. Small Claims Court

If all the above ADR alternatives fail, you can file a lawsuit against the debt collector in a small claims court. However, you need to prove that you've tried all other options in vain.

The recovery amount you get from your claim varies based on the jurisdiction. A lawsuit in England or Wales has a maximum compensation of £10,000. In Scotland and Northern Ireland, you are entitled to a maximum settlement of £5,000 and £3,000, respectively.

How to Get Debt Payment Assistance

If you owe less than £30,000, you might be eligible for debt payment assistance through a Debt Relief Order (DRO), which helps in two ways:

  • It deters your creditor from recovering the debt without a court order
  • You become free from your debts after one year (12 months)

To access a DRO, you can consult a debt management professional to help you fill out the necessary papers and issue them to a bankruptcy court clerk - also known as an official receiver. Nonetheless, you'll need to pay £90 as the official receiver's fee.

DRO Eligibility Requirements

If you apply for a DRO, you'll need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Owe less than £30,000
  2. You receive less than £75 as spare monthly income
  3. You own assets valued below £2,000
  4. You own a vehicle worth less than £2,000
  5. You've lived and worked in England or Wales within the last three years (36 months)
  6. You haven't applied for a DRO within the last half a year (six months)

Get Debt Help Stress-Free With DoNotPay

If you owe a creditor and need help with your debt, you can use DoNotPay to get debt relief. We provide consumers with alternative means of handling their debts, from determining whether Triton Credit Services is compliant with FCA rules and contacting them with a demand letter to filing a complaint with a government agency.

Visit DoNotPay online, sign up for our services, and click the "Debt Collection" product. It's a simple three-step procedure that includes inquiries on the nature of your debt. Once we have the full details, we'll handle the rest.

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Here's how to get started with DoNotPay:

  1. Search "debt collection" on DoNotPay.

  2. Answer a series of questions about the debt collectors, including when you were contacted and how you were contacted, so we can determine if they have violated any debt collection laws.

  3. Decide which course of action you want to take based on our guidance, such as filing a debt verification request, demanding for the collectors to stop contacting you, or reporting them to a professional trade association.

And that's it! Once you choose the course of action you want to take, DoNotPay will handle the rest. We'll deliver your request directly to the debt collectors via first-class mail or file your complaint automatically with the relevant trade association or ombudsman.

How Else Can DoNotPay Help

Besides helping consumers with their debts, DoNotPay can help you handle a wide range of issues, whether civil or legal matters. The following are a few examples of solutions you can get with DoNotPay:

The list above represents only a few ways DoNotPay can solve your problems. Sign up for our services and explore other ways that DoNotPay can solve your case.

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