Everything You Need To Know About the Trademark Registration Process Flowchart

Trademark Registration Everything You Need To Know About the Trademark Registration Process Flowchart

An Overview of the Trademark Registration Process Flowchart

Whether you have a small business or are the owner of a larger company, trademarking your brand and intellectual property protection is crucial. How do you file and register a trademark? How does the trademark registration process work? What are the requirements for getting one? DoNotPay has all the answers.

This article will provide comprehensive details on the trademark registration process flowchart. If it seems too much for you, to make the process easier!

We also provide valuable information on how to protect trademarks through trademark protection laws to prevent infringement.

What Is a Trademark, and Why Is It Important?

Before you register a trademark, you need to understand what it is. A trademark refers to any word, symbol, phrase, or slogan that becomes the identity of a business and its goods. Trademarks can be applied to different items, including the following:

The purpose of a trademark is to differentiate the business from other businesses and to recognize the company’s brand. Others can use your trademark with your exclusive permission, but they cannot claim rights to it.

A trademark protects a business by:

  • Prohibiting competitors from using a business name or product for their benefit
  • Preventing fraud
  • Providing legal protection

Registering a Trademark Explained

Trademarks are categorized under intellectual property and can be both registered and unregistered. They are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Registered trademarks have the ® symbol, while unregistered ones are identified with the ™ one.

Getting your trademark registered not only builds value for your business but also prevents competitors from using similar signs and ideas for their business. By registering your trademark, you can:

  • Legally expand your business
  • Seek legal protection from fraud
  • Sue parties who use the same or too similar trademarks

The Trademark Registration Process Flowchart

To start the trademark registration, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Search the USPTO database to confirm that your name, logo, or slogan is not similar to any other brand’s
  2. Fill out the trademark application form with the following information:
    1. Your personal details
    2. Purpose of your business
    3. Trademark name or mark that you want to acquire
    4. List of goods that the trademark covers
    5. Trademark class that the goods will be classified under
  3. Pay the processing fee
  4. Review the form to confirm that all the information you entered is correct
  5. Sign the form and submit it

What Is the Trademark Application Timeline?

Once the USPTO receives your application, it will send a summary of your application form so that you can confirm that all the information is correct. After confirmation, you will receive a serial number to track your application by accessing the TSDR (Trademark Status and Document Retrieval) system.

An examining attorney will review your application, which can take up to six months. If there are any issues with your application, the attorney will reject your application and include the reason for rejection.

If there are no problems with your application, the examining attorney will approve it and publish it in the USPTO’s Official Gazette for 30 days. This is to confirm that no other party is opposed to the trademark.

After the 30-day period, the USPTO will issue a registration certificate, which takes three to six months.

Cost of Trademark Registration

The cost of trademark registration depends on the trademark application options, as mentioned in the table below:

TEAS Standard$350
TEAS Plus$250

Other factors that can influence the trademark registration cost include:

Does the Trademark Registration Process Seem Too Complicated? Let DoNotPay Help You Out

If you file for a trademark registration yourself, you will have to complete all the burdensome tasks on your own. Alternatively, you can hire an attorney to do it on your behalf, but attorney fees can be expensive and well out of your budget.

Are you searching for a more affordable option? Switch to DoNotPay! Our app can assist you in filing a trademark within minutes. After , here is what you need to do:

  1. Search for the Trademark Registration feature
  2. Provide details about your business and the trademark you want to acquire
  3. Pay the trademark application fee
  4. Digitally sign the application form

After processing your information and ensuring that your trademark is unique, we will send it to the USPTO on your behalf. Once the USPTO receives your application, our app will provide you with a serial number to track your application.

DoNotPay Has More Useful Information About Trademarks

If you’re looking for more information before going ahead with the trademark application process, our knowledge base boasts many helpful guides that can give insights on different trademark aspects, such as:

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