What You Should Know About Trademarking Names for Business

Trademark Registration What You Should Know About Trademarking Names for Business

Trademark Names for Business—A Comprehensive Guide

Do you know how to trademark names for your business? It is an important step for every growing organization to take.

Trademarks allow you to harness the full value of your brand without having to worry about a competitor using it for their gains. That is why you need to know how and why to trademark a company name.

Consult our simplified guide to figure out the application process—or .

What Is a Trademark in Business?

While smaller businesses in limited local markets may not need to trademark their name, any company intending to scale up would benefit from additional protection. If you fail to protect your company name with a trademark, it is open to use by competitors. They can take advantage of the goodwill and reputation you have built with your brand.

Once you have registered a component of your brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), your competitors cannot use it as it is protected by federal law. In addition to your organization’s name, brand assets that you can register as trademarks include:

By registering your business name as a trademark, you gain actionable legal grounds to sue other companies for infringement.

There are three general categories of trademarks:

Type of MarkApplies To
Standard character formatWords, letters, numbers
Special character formatLogos, symbols, words in a specific font, colors, or typeface
Sound markA sequence of notes (e.g., NBC’s three-note chime)

What Is the Difference Between Trademarks, Service Marks, and Copyright?

Despite all being types of federal intellectual property protection, these three concepts are distinct as to what they cover. Service marks cover service providers, and copyright protects created works (managed by The U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress).

Can You Trademark Any Business Name?

No—trademark laws for business names state that you cannot register a trademark if it closely resembles another in the same class. If your brand overlaps with another company selling the same product or service, you will not be able to register for a trademark.

That is why small and growing businesses should confirm that their brand does not conflict with any other registered trademark.

What Class of Trademark Should You Apply For?

To successfully apply for a trademark on your business name, you must file it under the correct class. There are 45 classes of trademarks:

001—Chemicals016—Paper goods031—Grains, agriculture
002—Paints017—Rubber products032—Beers and beverages
003—Cleaning substances018—Leather goods033—Alcoholic beverages
004—Industrial oils019—Building materials034—Tobacco products
005—Pharmaceuticals020—Furniture035—Advertising and business services
006—Common metals021—Household utensils036—Insurance and finance services
007—Machines022—Ropes and textile products037—Construction and repair services
008—Hand tools023—Yarns and threads038—Telecommunications services
009—Computers and scientific devices024—textiles039—Shipping and travel services
010—Medical supplies025—Clothing040—Material treatment services
011—Appliances026—Lace and embroidery041—Education and entertainment services
012—Vehicles027—Carpets042—Science and technology services
013—Firearms028—Games and sporting goods043—Food services
014—Precious metals029—Meat, fish, poultry044—Medical and vet services
015—Musical instruments030—Coffee, flour, rice045—Legal and security services

5 Steps to Trademark Names for Business

The USPTO only allows online trademark registration. After confirming that your brand does not overlap with another registered trademark, you can initiate the application process by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS)
  2. Log into or create an account for TEAS
  3. Start a new application for your specific trademark class
  4. Fill in the requisite information about your brand
  5. Submit the application

How Long Does a Trademark Last?

While the registration process can take 9–12 months, your trademark will last for ten years once complete. After that point, it will expire unless you renew the trademark during the fifth or sixth year.

How Much Does It Cost To Register a Trademark?

The USPTO charges a filing fee for each trademark class in which you choose to register. The two types are:

  1. TEAS Plus—$250/class
  2. TEAS Standard—$350/class

TEAS Plus is recommended for newer businesses whose brand fits into a predetermined description in the Trademark ID manual. TEAS Standard is meant for companies that need to use a custom definition for their services.

Beyond the USPTO filing fees, you may also need a trademark lawyer to facilitate the application procedure. Hiring a legal professional can be expensive for smaller businesses, which is why we recommend you use DoNotPay.

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