Can You Trademark a Name and Logo Together Within a Single Application?

Trademark Registration Can You Trademark a Name and Logo Together Within a Single Application?

Is It Advisable To Trademark a Name and Logo Together?

Trademarks are the elements representing your small business to the public and distinguishing it from other companies that belong to the same sphere. Protecting them with the U.S. Patent and Trademark (USPTO) registration can help you avoid infringement, but do you need to file one trademark at a time?

Can you trademark a name and logo together using a single application form? If yes, what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing so? Look no further—we provide answers in this article! to file a flawless trademark application and register your asset on the first try!

Do You Have To Trademark a Logo and Name Separately?

No, you do not.

People usually file separate applications for their business name and logo, but the filing fees double in such cases. The total expense gets even higher if they hire an attorney to help them with the registration. For this reason, many trademark owners decide to cut the costs and register both assets at once. The same happens if they want to apply for any other combination of trademarks, including phrases, slogans, or usernames.

Pros and Cons of Filing a Trademark for a Name and Logo Together

Is it always a good idea to register your name and logo as trademarks at the same time? The following table will give you the best answer to this question by listing all advantages and disadvantages of such a choice:

  • The total amount for a double trademark registration without legal fees will not exceed $350—This is how much the most expensive application filing option costs
  • You kill two birds with one stone—There’s no need to file two applications and wait months to receive approval for both trademarks
  • Once you file a trademark for a name and logo together, you must use them together as well. In the USPTO database, these assets count as a single trademark—separating them can compromise your federal trademark protection
  • If you decide to rebrand and modify your logo, you must file a new application and spend extra money. A simple renewal would not be possible in such a case, affecting the trademark duration
  • The rebranding procedure may be delayed if you try to change the logo you registered along with your business name

How To Register Your Business Name and Logo Together

If you decide that filing a single trademark application for your logo and business name is the right choice for you, it is time to:

  1. Check if the assets meet the registration requirements—You cannot trademark a name or logo that has already been registered by someone else. It is crucial to perform a USPTO trademark search to ensure your ideas are not already in use. If they match other entries fully or partially, you must modify them before you proceed with the registration
  2. Determine a suitable type of application—You can apply for trademarks using:
    1. Use-in-commerce approach—for the marks that have already been used in relation to the goods you offer
    2. Intent-to-use approach—for the marks that have not been used yet, but will be in the future
  3. Define the trademark class for your name and logo design—Depending on the goods/services you offer, you must assign a specific class to your trademarks. There is a possibility of classifying them into multiple categories, but that increases the overall trademark application costs
  4. Complete the application form with the additional supporting elements—The USPTO currently allows electronic trademark applications. You can submit one along with the logo design draft and sample showing how the chosen trademarks match the products you offer

Can DoNotPay Help You Apply for a Trademark Effortlessly?

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