Understanding the Trademark Class 45 Registration Process

Trademark Registration Understanding the Trademark Class 45 Registration Process

A Quick and Easy Guide to Trademark Class 45

Are you unsure how to register for trademark class 45? If you operate a growing business, then it is likely a smart move, but it entails extensive research and paperwork.

While smaller businesses can operate without much risk of infringement on their IP, as an organization grows, it becomes important to mitigate the potential for competitors to take advantage of your brand. That is why 893,760 businesses registered trademarks in 2019.

Trademark infringement is no small matter, so business owners should understand the registration process and the class a given product or service falls under.

In this guide, you will learn about trademark class 45, what types of products it protects, and how to register. If you would like to circumvent all that tedious work, you can with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on your behalf.

What Is a Trademark?

At its most simple, a trademark is a part of your brand, protected as intellectual property. A trademark is different from a copyright, which protects created works. Your competitors cannot use any of the following, provided you have registered them as trademarks:

The unauthorized use of a registered trademark can provoke adequate legal action. By registering a trademark for your business, you protect its brand as it grows, enters new markets, and faces new competition.

There are three primary types of trademarks:

Standard character formatWords, letters, numbers
Special character formatLogos, symbols, words in a specific font, colors, or typeface
Sound markA sequence of notes (e.g., NBC’s three-note chime)

Another distinction concerns service marks, which are used to distinguish the services of a given brand.

What Is a Trademark Class?

When registering a trademark, you will have to stipulate which class best fits your business’ product or service. The USPTO manages 45 classes of trademark—34 related to goods and 11 to services.

It is important to note that you may need to register for more than one trademark class, depending on how you conduct your business. For example, if you operate an astrology-based business that also sells t-shirts emblazoned with your logo, you will need to register for both trademark class 45 and class 25.

What Is Trademark Class 45?

Trademark class 45 protects these general types of service industries:

  1. Personal
  2. Social
  3. Security

Any business that protects or supervises property or individuals falls under this class. Class 45 covers a wide range of companies, which fall under the following seven categories:

Emergency and Safety ServicesFirefighting, security alarm monitoring, safety inspectors, missing person investigations, security guards, personal bodyguards
Rental ServicesFormal wear, fire alarms and fire extinguishers, internet domains
Interpersonal ServicesChaperones, escort services, dating services, detective agencies, wedding management, religious ceremony facilitation
Lifestyle ServicesAstrology, fortune-telling, digital social networking services, spiritual guidance
License ManagementLegal administration of licenses, Computer software licensing, Software publishing and licensing
Family-Related ServicesBabysitting, genealogical services, house sitting, pet sitting, burial and funeral services, personal wardrobe consulting, personal letter writing
services and SupportAdoption agency services, arbitration services, registration of domain names, copyright management, services (research, document preparation, and contract negotiation), litigation services, licensing of intellectual property, lost property return, mediation, intellectual property consulting

What Services Are Not Protected by Trademark Class 45?

Despite trademark class 45’s broad definition, there are several types of services and products that do not qualify for its protection:

  • Money management and lending
  • Insurance management and brokerage
  • Travel escort
  • Security transport
  • Educational support
  • Performers of any kind
  • Software design and production
  • Cybersecurity management and support
  • Medical, beauty, or hygiene services

How To Register a Class 45 Trademark

Registering a part of your brand with trademark class 45 can be a complex process, given how many steps are involved. Keep in mind that you must pay a nominal fee for each class for which you register. Any mistakes in the process will result in wasted money.

The USPTO only allows online registrations. To register your brand as a class 45 trademark, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS)
  2. Log into or create an account for TEAS
  3. Start a new application
  4. Specify class 45
  5. Provide the requisite information about your business
  6. Input information about the specific mark you wish to register
  7. Pay the filing fee

Unless renewed, a federal trademark is valid for ten years.

How Long Does It Take the USPTO To Process a Trademark Application?

You will receive a receipt for the application by email within 14 days. The USPTO may issue an Office Action if:

  1. The examiner objects to your application on substantive grounds (i.e., your mark is too likely to be confused with other registered marks)
  2. There is a technical issue with your application (e.g., you failed to provide the necessary information)

You must respond to an Office Action with the necessary information within six months, or the application will be rejected. Generally, it will take 9–12 months to complete the process.

DoNotPay Will Register Your Trademark for You

Is the process of applying for trademark class 45 overwhelming? It can be a very time-consuming procedure, so why not let DoNotPay manage it for you?

DoNotPay offers a Trademark Registration tool that handles a range of essential tasks in the process:

  • Disclosure of required information
  • Execution and submission of the application
  • Facilitation of review and signing

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose our Trademark Registration product
  2. Describe your trademark and answer our questions
  3. Cover the filing expenses

Once you have completed the necessary steps, we will provide you with an application tracking number and ensure the USPTO can contact you with any updates.

In addition to facilitating the application process, DoNotPay will also conduct a clearance search to ensure that your mark is not already in use by another business. This drastically reduces the chance of an Office Action and streamlines the entire process.

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