A Detailed Breakdown of Trademark Class 30

Trademark Registration A Detailed Breakdown of Trademark Class 30

Essential Information About Trademark Class 30

Want to register your kitchen supply brand for trademark class 30? Good for you—it is an important step for growing businesses to take.

As essential as it is, the process can also be complicated and expensive. This guide will provide the information you are looking for, but there is a faster way to deal with it—, the world’s first AI-powered robot lawyer.

A Crash Course in Trademarks

Trademarks, managed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), protect the registered part of your brand against use by other organizations. Other companies in your industry cannot use any of the following once they have trademark status:

After approval, your trademark is good for ten years. If your company is still making use of the mark after five years, you can renew it.

Trademarks are similar to service marks, which protect the branding associated with a service instead of a good, while copyright protects works of authorship.

What Do You Gain by Trademarking Your Brand?

Registering a trademark is not mandatory, but it is a standard business practice for a good reason—893,760 businesses registered trademarks in 2019.

Trademark protection law provides grounds to sue another entity for using a part of your registered brand without authorization. Competitors infringing on your trademark are liable for legal consequences. That is why valuable brands should be trademarked.

Basic Information About Trademark Class 30

Trademark class 30 deals with plant-based food items intended for:

  1. Consumption
  2. Enhancement of other foods
  3. Preservation of other foods


You can check the consumption subcategory items in the following table:

Almond pasteCapersIce creamRice
Artificial coffeeCerealIce, natural or artificialRice cakes
Barley mealCereal barsPastaRice pudding
Bean mealCheeseburgers [sandwiches]MayonnaiseSandwiches
Biscuits/cookiesChicory [coffee substitute]Meal/flourSushi
BreadChips [cereal products]Meat piesTacos
Bread rollsChocolateOat flakesTarts
BunsCorn, milled/maize, milledPiesTomato sauce
Cake dough/cake batterCrackersPizzasTortillas
CakesCustardPopcornFrozen yogurt

Enhancement of Other Foods

Items intended for food enhancement are listed in the table below:

AllspiceCondimentsGinger [spice]Pepper
Almond confectioneryConfectionery/sugar confectioneryGlucose for culinary purposesPeppers [seasonings]
AniseedCooking saltHoneySaffron [seasoning]
Candy decorations for cakesCurry [spice]Ketchup [sauce]Seaweed [condiment]
Celery saltDessert mousses [confectionery]Liquorice [confectionery]Soya sauce
Chocolate moussesDressings for saladLozenges [confectionery]/pastilles [confectionery]Soya bean paste [condiment]
Chocolate decorations for cakesFlavoringsMalt extract for foodVanilla [flavoring] [flavouring]
Chow-chow [condiment]Fondants [confectionery]MarinadesVanillin [vanilla substitute]
Chutneys [condiments]Fruit jellies [confectionery]Natural sweeteners
Cinnamon [spice]Fruit coulis [sauces]Nutmegs
Cloves [spice]Garden herbs, preserved [seasonings]Pasta sauce

Preservation of Other Foods

Items for preservation of other foods are:

  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda
  • Beer vinegar
  • Ferments for pastes
  • Meat tenderizers, for household purposes
  • Vinegar
  • Yeast

How To Apply for Trademark Class 30

To avoid any chance of infringement, confirm that your brand is unique from any other registered trademarks. Consult the USPTO database to compare your mark against others in the same class.

Next, submit your application by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS)
  2. Log in or create an account for TEAS
  3. Launch a new application for a class 30 trademark
  4. Input the requested information about your brand
  5. Pay the filing fee

Trademark Processing Periods

Keep the following timelines in mind when planning your trademark registration:

Confirmed receipt of application via emailUp to 14 days of application submission
USPTO ruling on your application9–12 months
Window for renewal of trademarkWithin 5–6 years of registration
Expiration of trademarkTen years after registered

Budgeting for Trademark Class 30

Applicants must pay a filing fee for each trademark class to which they apply. The USPTO offers two services:

  1. TEAS Plus—$250/class
  2. TEAS Standard—$350/class

To effectively manage the procedure, you will likely need to hire a trademark lawyer. Errors in your application may result in a denial. As convenient as legal assistance is, it can also be cost-prohibitive for new companies.

DoNotPay Will Manage Your Trademark Class 30 Registration

When you are trying to develop your small business, the last thing you have time for is more paperwork. Even if you have the time to focus on a trademark application, you may not have the funds for a trademark lawyer. Allow DoNotPay to take this project off your to-do list at an affordable price.

DoNotPay’s Trademark Registration tool will manage the following:

  • Gathering of the necessary information
  • Completion and submission of the application
  • Management of review and signing

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Choose our Trademark Registration product
  2. Explain your trademark and answer a few questions
  3. Pay the filing fees

After submission, we will give you an application tracking number so that you can stay up to date on the progress. We also ensure the USPTO has your email address and can contact you with updates and additional questions.

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