A Comprehensive Guide to Trademark Class 28

Trademark Registration A Comprehensive Guide to Trademark Class 28

Trademark Class 28—Everything You Need To Know

An important component of the trademark application form is the trademark class, which sorts your goods or services into corresponding categories. Discover everything you need to know about what the trademark class 28 is and how to file for a federally registered trademark. Alternatively, you can use our app to file a trademark within minutes!

What Are Trademark Classes?

Any symbol that identifies with your brand can be used as a trademark, such as:

To register a trademark, you need to classify your goods under the 45 existing trademark classes. While classes 1–34 cover goods, classes 35–45 cover services and are protected by service marks.

Trademark classes represent how the trademark will protect your brand. You must enter the correct classes in your registration application to ensure the highest level of legal protection.

Since trademarking a product under one category might not seem as straightforward as it sounds, the USPTO has allowed business owners to categorize their products under multiple classes. This broadens the trademark protection and ensures that more aspects of a business are safe.

In case you are not sure which class to opt for, check out the USPTO Trademark ID Manual, which provides a comprehensive guide to the class types.

The Essentials of Trademark Class 28

The class 28 trademark covers games, playthings, and sporting goods. You can file for this class type if your business is related to any of the following:

SubcategoryDescription of Goods
Sporting articles and equipmentSporting equipment, bags, tables, balls, headgear, accessories, tools, masks, and protective gear
Hunting and fishing equipmentArtificial fishing bait, camouflage screens, decoys for hunting, fish hooks, reels, rods, lines, scent lures, and butterfly nets
Swimming equipmentFlippers, swimming webs, jackets, belts, and kickboards
Festive Christmas decorBells, candle holders, decoration pieces, and artificial Christmas trees
Playground apparatusFairground ride apparatus, slides, and playthings
Toys and gamesAmusement machines, board games, card games, confetti, dollhouses, card games, roulette wheels, toy scooters, skittles, slot machines, teddy bears, stuffed toys, dolls, soap bubbles, radio-controlled toys, rattles, and mobiles
Video gamesArcade video game machines, controllers, game consoles, and portable games

The following goods are not covered under class 28:

  • Class 4—Christmas tree candles
  • Class 11—Electric lamps for Christmas trees
  • Class 30—Chocolate decorations and confectionery for Christmas trees
  • Class 25—Clothing for gymnastic and sports
  • Class 9—Diving equipment
  • Class 22—Fishing nets

What Is the Cost of Filing a Class 28 Trademark?

There are various costs that you need to consider when filing a trademark, such as:

  • Filing basis:
    • Commercial basis—If you are already using the trademark but haven’t registered it yet
    • Intent-to-use basis—If you intend to use the trademark within six months of registration
  • Filing option—You can choose between:
    • TEAS Plus—$250
    • TEAS Standard—$350
  • Trademark classes(es)—You need to pay a fee for each trademark class you assign to your product. If you select multiple classes, you need to pay for all of them separately
  • Lawyer fees—If you hire a lawyer to apply for the registration on your behalf, their fees can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars
  • Renewal fees—Trademarks expire every ten years, unlike copyrights, and the renewal costs $545 per trademark class

How To Register a Class 28 Trademark

Even though you are not required by law to register a trademark, it is still a better option to do so. By trademarking your brand, trademark protection laws provide protection from fraud and infringement. You can seek legal action against anyone who tries to profit off of your brand.

You can either file for a state or federal-level trademark, depending on the level of protection you seek.

Before you start the process, make sure you understand the trademark requirements properly to avoid as many mistakes as possible. You can start the process by searching the USPTO trademark database to confirm that no other trademark is similar to yours. After completing the search, here is the process you need to follow:

  1. Go to the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) website
  2. Choose your filing option
  3. Fill out the application form with your information, including:
    1. Your name, address, and contact information
    2. Filing basis
    3. Trademark class
    4. Business purpose and details
    5. Trademark description
  4. Pay the trademark registration fees
  5. Sign the form and submit it

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  • Giving you an application tracking number

All you need to do is follow these instructions:

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