What To Know Before Applying for a Tourist Visa to the U.K. From the U.S.A.

Tourist Visa Guide What To Know Before Applying for a Tourist Visa to the U.K. From the U.S.A.

Tourist Visa to the U.K. From the U.S.A. Explained

Are you preparing for your trip to the U.K.? Obtaining the necessary paperwork to enter this country might be a stressful task. Though you will not need a tourist visa to the U.K. from the U.S.A. if you’re staying less than six months, you will still have to provide valid traveling documents.

DoNotPay can help you with that! We will explain the requirements for traveling from the U.S.A to the United Kingdom and much more.

The United Kingdom to the U.S.A. Travel Requirements

Every tourist traveling from the U.S.A. to the U.K. has to meet certain requirements to enter the country, such as:

  • Have a passport that will remain valid during your stay in the U.K.
  • Confirm that you
    • Plan to leave the U.K. at the end of your visit
    • Have accommodation during your stay
    • Possess enough money that can support you during your stay in the U.K.

What To Do if You Want To Stay in the U.K. More Than Six Months

If you plan to stay in the United Kingdom for more than six months, you will have to apply for a visa before arriving. This is the application process:

  1. Complete an online application form
  2. Book and attend a biometric appointment at the Application Support Centre (ASC)
  3. Pay the visa fee and submit your application

Once you apply for the visa, you will have to wait for three weeks to receive it. If the U.K. visa waiting time seems too long, you can request to get your visa within five business days.

Note that, due to COVID-19, you will have to wear a mask before entering the ASC. You will have to follow rules of social distancing while in there. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, you should cancel your ASC appointment.

The U.K. Travel Advice

If you are visiting the United Kingdom for the first time, you will be smitten by its green meadows in the countryside and amazed by the architecture of London. To make the most of your visit, you should:

  • Go to a pub at least once
  • Visit the Cornwall coast
  • Take a walk over the Tower Bridge
  • Go to Buckingham Palace right on time to see the changing of the guard
  • Visit the York Minster
  • Find time to visit the Hadrian’s Wall
  • Visit the Royal Observatory in Greenwich and stand on the Prime Meridian

How To Contact the U.K. Embassy or Consulate in the U.S.

In case you need to check a few things before your trip and make sure you meet all of the entry requirements to the U.K., check out the table below:

InstitutionPhone NumberAddress
The British Embassy Washington+1 202-588-65003100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington D.C. 20008, USA
British Consulate General in Boston+1 617-245-4500One Broadway, Cambridge MA 02142, USA
British Consulate General in Chicago+1 312-970-3800625 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 2200, Chicago IL 60611, USA
British Consulate General in Atlanta+1 404-954-7700133 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 3400, Atlanta GA 30303, USA
British Consulate General in Los Angeles+1 310-789-00312029 Century Park East, Suite 1350, Los Angeles CA 90067, USA
British Consulate General in Houston+1 713-210-40001301 Fannin Street, Suite 2400, Houston TX 77002, USA
British Consulate General in Miami+1 305-400-64001001 Brickell Bay Drive, Miami FL 33131, USA
British Consulate General in New York+1 212-745-0200

1 Dag Hammarskjold Plaza,

885 Second Avenue, New York City NY 10017-6927, USA

British Consulate General in San Francisco+1 415-617-13001 Sansome Street, Suite 850, San Francisco CA 94104, USA

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