Tourist Visa to Angola—Requirements and Application Process

Tourist Visa Guide Tourist Visa to Angola—Requirements and Application Process

All You Need To Know About the Tourist Visa to Angola

Being praised for the beauty of its nature and the accessibility of its tourist visa, it’s no wonder Angola is becoming a popular tourist destination. If you’re a first-time visitor, though, your first glance at the Angolan tourist visa application might scare you.

Luckily, you can simplify the process of applying for a tourist visa to Angola if you sign up for DoNotPay! This guide lists all of the required steps and criteria for an Angolan tourist visa.

Do U.S. Citizens Need a Tourist Visa to Angola?

Yes, U.S. citizens need a tourist visa to enter Angola. Regardless of whether you apply for an e-Visa or a traditional one, an Angolan tourist visa is valid for:

  • 60 days since it’s been issued
  • A single entrance
  • A 30-day stay

You can extend your tourist visa for Angola to stay for 30 more days in the country, but you can only do it once.

What Are the Requirements for a Tourist Visa to Angola?

To request a tourist visa to Angola, you will have to prepare:

  1. A complete tourist visa application form
  2. A passport-size color photo of yourself
  3. A notarized letter stating the reasons for your visit to Angola
  4. Proof of accommodation
  5. A yellow fever vaccination card if you’re coming from a country where it’s present
  6. Travel itinerary
  7. Return ticket
  8. Your U.S. passport, valid for at least one year after your estimated date of entry and with four blank pages
  9. A photocopy of your passport, including the page with your personal information and all pages containing travel stamps
  10. A bank statement that proves that you have enough funds to provide for yourself while staying in Angola (exactly $200 per day)
  11. $70/$120 (traditional/eVisa) for the visa fee

How To Apply for a Tourist Visa to Angola

You can apply for a tourist visa to Angola:

  1. At the Embassy of Angola
  2. Online

Request a Tourist Visa at the Embassy of Angola

To apply for a tourist visa, pack all of the required documents in a self-addressed return envelope and mail it or drop it off at:

2100-2108 16th Street,

NW Washington, DC 20009

The Embassy of Angola will process your request within 5–7 business days.

Apply for a Tourist Visa to Angola Online

To submit your tourist visa application, complete the online form. The request processing can take up to a few days, after which you will receive your Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Angola in an email. You will use that ETA to receive your tourist visa on arrival.

Who To Call if You Have Trouble With Applying for a Tourist Visa to Angola

The Angolan diplomatic missions can help you if you stumble upon any issues while applying for a tourist visa. You can contact them using the information from the following table:

Diplomatic MissionPhone NumberEmail Address
Embassy of Angola in Washington
Angolan Consulate General in New
Angolan Consulate General in
Permanent Mission of Angola to the United

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What Not To Do in Angola

Regardless of the hospitality of natives in Angola, the friendly nature of the country can quickly change if you don’t abide by the following rules:

  • Using a camera, binoculars or GPS is strictly prohibited near:
    • Government buildings
    • Key infrastructure
    • Military installations
  • Disrespecting government officials can get you expelled or even banned from the country

You should also keep in mind that:

  • Angolan tap water is not suitable for drinking
  • The rainy season causes a lot of flooding in the northern parts of the country from November to April, so plan your trip accordingly

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