How to Fight Topgolf Fees in 3 Easy Steps

Fight and Waive Fees How to Fight Topgolf Fees in 3 Easy Steps

How to Fight Topgolf Fees in 3 Easy Steps

When Topgolf was created 21 years ago, it was initially seen as a better kind of driving range. But the high-tech golf game has become so much more than that, and the  you'll pay to play the game have grown as well. The popular attraction features a three-story-tall building with bays from which you can shoot golf balls with microchips to record how far they went.

The cost of playing at Topgolf varies, based on the location, when you go, and other factors. Although fans say it's worth the price, no one likes paying more than they should. You can save money with careful planning, but if unexpected charges show up on your bill, you'll have to figure out how to get those charges reversed. We can show you how to make those requests, but if you're looking for an easier way, DoNotPay has you covered.

What Does it Cost to Play at Topgolf?

The pricing structure at Topgolf is a little complicated. How much you'll pay to rent a bay depends on what time of the day you go, how high up your bay is, and what location you're in. For example, here are the prices for the Las Vegas location of Topgolf:

FloorDay of the week9am to noon12pm to 5pm5pm to close
1st or 2ndMon-Thurs$30$45$60
1st or 2ndFri-Sat$45$60$75
1st or 2ndSun$45$60$60

Naturally, any food or drink you purchase will be charged separately. One more fee you'll need to factor in is the membership fee, which is only $5, but will have to be paid before you can play.

What If You're Charged Too Much?

Unfortunately, mistakes happen. Customers have reported running into problems occasionally, such as being double charged for a rental, or charged for a canceled reservation. If that happens to you, you can try to contact the manager at the location you went to, or you can contact Topgolf online in one of two ways:

Online Contact Form

The Topgolf website provides a contact form to request help from customer service.

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the information, including the location, your name, membership number, and contact information.
  3. Under "Subject" select "Recent Topgolf Experience"
  4. Fill out the details of your request with complete details.
  5. Hit "Send" and wait!

Online chat

You can also initiate an online live chat with a customer service representative at

Response time to your chat request will vary, depending on demand.

What Can You Do If You Can't Get Help?

Some customers report that it's difficult to get help resolving their problems. Some of them even had to resort to reporting the issues to the Better Business Bureau before they got a satisfactory response. But if you think you've been hit by an unfair , DoNotPay has a better way of fighting back.

With just a few simple steps from you, DoNotPay will take over and deal with Topgolf on your behalf.

Here's how to use DoNotPay to appeal Topgolf fees:

  1. Search "appeal fees" on DoNotPay, choose the Fight and Waive Fees product, and select the type of fee you want to appeal.


  2. Select the merchant you want to appeal fees for and enter the details of your transaction, including an associated account if you have one.


  3. Submit your case! DoNotPay will generate the best argument for your case and make sure your fee waiver request gets sent to the merchant for processing.


That's all you have to do! DoNotPay will take it from there, so you don't have to worry about what happens next.

Why Should You Use DoNotPay?

Negotiating problems with customer service agents can be time-consuming and stressful. Every company has its own procedures and rules for working with unhappy customers, and it's often frustrating to figure out the best way to work with them.

But DoNotPay makes it our business to know the best way to contact companies like Topgolf. We work quickly, and we get results. Our Appeal Fees product is a great example of how we can simplify your life - and not just when dealing with Topgolf!

DoNotPay Knows How to Work With Many Groups

Topgolf isn't the only company DoNotPay is prepared to negotiate with. We can fight to waive fees with many other businesses and organizations. While you use the same simple platform for your requests, we have the know-how to deal with a wide range of entities, including:

Fighting Excess Fees is Just the Beginning

DoNotPay was created to be your source of easy solutions for frustrating problems. No one wants to spend hours fighting with businesses, government agencies, and other organizations to get what they deserve. DoNotPay makes it easy for you to let us know what you need, then we do the rest. For example, here are just a few of the products we offer:

You have better things to do with your time. Give DoNotPay a chance, and we can show you just how skilled we are at solving stubborn problems!

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