How To Create a Tolling Agreement

All You Wanted To Know About a Tolling Agreement

Filing a lawsuit against a person who wronged you seems like the most logical solution to your woes, but there’s a way to avoid it and get an amicable resolution. 

Every person who feels they could resolve the conflict with the other party peacefully should consider a tolling agreement. You can find out more about drafting this contract in our mini-guide. 

What Is a Tolling Agreement?

When you or your business suffer losses caused by another individual or business entity, you can use a tolling agreement to solve the problem before filing a lawsuit. By signing it, you agree to postpone taking the other party to court, allowing them to suspend or extend the statute of limitations and avoid being sued.

The main goal of this contract is to provide additional time for the parties to reconsider their decisions and intentions and eventually solve their dispute without entering the courtroom.

The entities that commonly use tolling agreements had a long and satisfying collaboration before the dispute. If they want to keep cooperating in the future because of the mutual business benefits their relationship brings, such a contract is the best solution.

What Are the Benefits of Tolling Agreements?

Creating a tolling agreement can be beneficial for both parties. This document helps you get the best from the current situation by:

  • Encouraging an amicable dispute resolution—The parties get a deadline to settle their disagreements, enabling them to avoid further arguments and complications
  • Saving loads of money—Court procedures may cost you an arm and a leg, which is why most potential plaintiffs usually give up on filing a lawsuit. If you manage to make a deal, you will get a double benefit. All the money you would spend on lawyers will remain in your pockets, and you will have your issue resolved
  • Informing the defendant about the plaintiff’s claims and expectations—They can gain a better insight into the positions of the suing party and take appropriate action to avoid financial losses if they lose the case

Are Tolling Agreements Legally Binding?

Tolling agreements are legally binding unless the following rules set by the Court are broken:

  1. The local statute allows this contract form
  2. The agreement proposes a fair and reasonable period
  3. The parties created the contract after the cause of action happened or after the plaintiff realized it happened
  4. The signing entities didn’t make the agreement at the same time as the obligation sued upon
  5. The parties signed the contract before the particular limitation period ended

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