T.M.Lewin's Customer Service Tips & Tricks You Have to Know

Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company T.M.Lewin's Customer Service Tips & Tricks You Have to Know

T.M.Lewin's Customer Service Tips & Tricks You Have to Know

Whether you like the style or not, you've probably heard of TM Lewis. A London-based menswear shop that offers men stylish and expertly tailored workwear from shirts, suits, jackets, etc. TM Lewin is well known for using the finest fabrics, impressive tailoring craftsmanship, and satisfactory services.

If you shop at TM Lewin and have any queries or problems with the service, you should learn how to contact customer care. While spending your money at TM Lewin could be easy, it is far more difficult to get in touch with a customer support agent when you need assistance. Getting through to a live customer support representative can take hours, which most busy customers do not have.

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How to Contact TM Lewin Customer Service

Contacting TM Lewis customer service is challenging, particularly due to the high volume of requests they receive daily. This is why getting back to your request can take longer than expected. Patience is a virtue you'd need to exercise here if you want to get assistance actively.

Different ways you can reach out to TM Lewis customer service include:

TM Lewis Support/FAQ SiteHelp Page
TM Lewis Contact FormContact Form
TM Lewis AddressTM Lewin Shirtmaker Limited

124 Finchley Road

London, England, NW3 5JS

United Kingdom

TM Lewis Social MediaFacebook




TM Lewis Support Emailcustomer.services@tmlewin.co.uk


You can submit a request online, including your email address, the subject of your problem, and a detailed description of your issue. You can also attach any necessary documents related to your request.


Most people will visit their physical location to get their issues handled faster. You can visit their corporate location at:

TM Lewin Shirtmaker Limited

124 Finchley Road

London, England, NW3 5JS

United Kingdom

Social Media Platforms

To create a more significant impact and pressure them into catering to your needs, you could reach out to them publicly through their social media platforms:






If you wish to cancel or alter an order, kindly email customer.services@tmlewin.co.uk as soon as possible before your order is shipped. Once your order is shipped, customer services can not cancel or modify your order. 

Where to Find Quicker Customer Service Help at TM Lewis

Did you realize you do not have to contact TM Lewis's customer care staff for any minor inconvenience? Before picking up your phone to make a call, it is recommended that you look up the FAQs on their website. This will help you see if the solution to your problem is disclosed there. This will save you time and effort and help avoid any frustrations attempted unsuccessfully to reach customer services. Some of their top FAQs include:

  • I'm a UK customer. How do I track my order?
  • How do I return my UK order?
  • How do I return my order? Outside the UK
  • T.M.Lewin Returns Policy
  • How do I contact you?

You can get answers to these and more on their FAQs page and eliminate the need to contact customer services.

Common Reasons to Contact Customer Service at TM Lewin

Customers have different reasons for reaching out to customer care at TM Lewin. Here are some legitimate reasons why you might want to contact TM Lewin Customer Service:

  1. Report a faulty item or the wrong order
  2. Inquire about delivery costs and timescales
  3. Finding trouble implementing an online purchase
  4. Report a poor in-store experience
  5. Query on how to change the delivery address

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