Secret Hacks That'll Save You Money On Tire Repair Costs

Quote My Repair Secret Hacks That'll Save You Money On Tire Repair Costs

How to Find the Best Price for Tire Repair on Your Phone

Tire issues can happen to anyone. You're driving to work, coming home from the store, or taking care of weekend errands when pop and thump throw off your whole day. Maybe it was a nail or piece of sharp debris in the road. Maybe it was a terrible sharp-edged pothole that took out your tire. But now you are looking at a serious puncture and limited time to source a shop for tire repairs.

How much should tire repair cost? How do you know if you're being quoted a fair price or overcharged for the service? DoNotPay is here to help.

What is the Average Cost of Tire Repairs?

When you need to quickly find a tire repair place nearby (within range of your spare tire) you need to know what the fair price for tire repair is before going in. This will protect you from being overcharged or scammed.

Type of RepairDescriptionFee
Average Tire RepairTire repair involves removing the tire, applying a patch, sealing the patch, and putting the tire back on. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes once begun and usually costs between $10 and $30. However, with prices going up, it's not uncommon for higher-priced places to charge closer to $40 for the service.$10 to $40
Tire RebalancingMost shops will offer to or automatically rebalance your tires once the tire is reconnected. They will already need to reattach the sensors to make sure your dash knows when your tire will need attention in the future.Add $15
Halve the Cost of a Quick Tire PlugNot all shops offer tire plugs, but they are a fast and very affordable way to close a small puncture in a tire.Expect to pay about half the price of a tire patch service

When Your Tire Can't Be Repaired

Your tire shop tells you that the tire can't be repaired and you need a new one. Is it a scam? It depends on the reason. There are two reasons why a mechanic shop or tire place must replace your tire instead of repairing it according to safety regulations:

  1. Within 2 Inches of the Sidewall - The sidewall of your tire cannot be compromised because it provides an important flexible structure to the tire design. If the damage is within two inches of the sidewall, you'll have to scrap the tire, and your shop cannot (legally!) repair the damage.
  2. Puncture is Over 2 Inches Long - If the puncture is more of a gash and is longer than 2 inches, you will probably need to replace the tire. This is because the tire patches available are not designed to maintain a seal over the larger surface area. Your tire shop will have to replace the tire instead of repairing it.
  3. All Other Reasons - There are not many other good reasons why a small puncture would mean buying a new tire. Watch out for scam shops looking to sell tires instead of patches.

How to Avoid Being Overcharged for Tire Repairs

Know your mechanic shop scams. Even a service as small as a tire patch can be subject to inflated fees and fraudulent reports.

  1. Shop Fees
  • Overcharging for 15 minutes of labor
  1. Parts Markup
  • Overcharging for the cost of a $2-$10 patch
  1. Unnecessary Repairs
  • Anything other than patching or replacing the tire
  • Replacing the tire when a patch would suffice
  • Claiming there is something wrong with your wheel or axle when there is not (get a second opinion)
  1. Break-Fix Scams
  • Doing more damage to your tire (or wheel!) than charging you for the repairs.
  1. Surprise Fees
  • Check your receipt when the tire repair is done.
  • Make sure you have not been charged for anything but the repair cost you were initially quoted.

It's important to check around for estimates from various mechanics and tire shops. Most shops will give you their flat fee for a tire patch, as this is a very common, fast, and low-expense repair. Watch out for shops that add caveats or say they need to see it before costing. Either the tire can be patched, or it can't.

How to Find the Best Tire Repair Cost with DoNotPay

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How to Save on Tire Repairs with DoNotPay

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