This Is What You Need To Do if Tinder Banned Your Account

Appeal Banned Account This Is What You Need To Do if Tinder Banned Your Account

Do You Know Why Tinder Banned Your Account?

With millions of users worldwide, Tinder must ensure that each user feels safe on the platform. It makes that possible by maintaining strict community guidelines that describe the expected behavior from every user.

Failure to honor the community guidelines intentionally or unknowingly is the cause of Tinder account suspensions or bans.

This guide will help you understand the possible reasons why Tinder banned your account to help you avoid future occurrences. We will also show you how to appeal your suspension so that you can get unbanned and connect with people on Tinder again.

Reasons for Getting Banned on Tinder

You can get banned on Tinder for various reasons. If you believe the ban came without any justification, you may need to review the community guidelines. Note that, even though you may have acted appropriately, other users may have found your behavior offensive and reported your account.

The ban notification does not go into details about the rules you violated, but here are some of the possible reasons:

  • Having a fake profile
  • Using inappropriate language when chatting—the user can report your account without your consent
  • Sharing or promoting racist content
  • Spamming other users or acting in ways that trigger spam alerts, for instance, copying and sending the same message to various users
  • Sharing inappropriate photos
  • Sharing sexually explicit content
  • Engaging in and promoting the harassment of another user
  • Sharing content that encourages self-harm, such as suicide
  • Engaging in hate speech
  • Sharing sensitive information about yourself or another user
  • Encouraging commercial sexual services
  • Impersonating anyone
  • Using Tinder to do illegal activities
  • Violating other people’s copyrights
  • Creating multiple accounts or sharing accounts
  • Using your account to promote brands or other services
  • Getting reported repeatedly by other users

What Happens When You Get Banned on Tinder?

When Tinder bans your account, you cannot access it anymore. Your attempts to log in will fail, and you will see an on-screen notification about your ban. This means that you cannot do any of the activities that you normally do on the app, like chatting. Note that if you get an error code or message when attempting to sign in, your account is not banned, but you might be experiencing some technical problems.

If you have a Tinder subscription linked to your credit card, it will be automatically canceled. If your subscriptions are managed via Google Play Store or your Apple ID, you will need to cancel them yourself to avoid future recurring payments.

How To Get Unbanned From Tinder

Violations of Tinder’s policies are taken seriously. Currently, Tinder does not have a formal process for users to appeal bans, which means that you don’t have a sure way to recover your account—but that doesn’t mean you will never access Tinder again.

Before you decide to let go of the matches and conversations you have in the app, you can try to get unbanned using the following ways:

  • Make an appeal
  • Create a new account

File an Appeal

Although it’s not an official appeal method, you may get help by contacting customer support. Do this by writing an email to Tinder at or send a request via the online contact form. Follow these steps to send your request:

  1. Navigate to Tinder’s Submit a request page
  2. Select Trouble with account login under What can we help you with
  3. Choose Can’t log in, my account was banned under What’s going on
  4. Enter the email address and phone number linked to your Tinder account
  5. Explain your issue in detail under Description
  6. Add any relevant attachments
  7. Click Submit

If this method doesn’t work for you, try creating a new account.

Create a New Tinder Account

Because Tinder has your data, you need to avoid getting recognized by the system when creating your new account. Here are the essential details that you need to pay attention to when creating a new account:

  1. Delete Tinder from your device
  2. Disconnect your social accounts from Tinder, especially Facebook
  3. Use a different device, a VPN, or change your device ID
  4. Get a new phone number
  5. Create a new Facebook account
  6. Create a new Google Play Store account or Apple ID
  7. Use a different payment method
  8. Use different pictures and profile information

The point is to get rid of anything that can alert Tinder you are associated with a banned account. If you’re not careful enough, you might get banned again.

How To Recover Your Banned Tinder Account the Easy Way—Use DoNotPay

Writing a great explanation of why your account should be unbanned can play a big role in the company’s final verdict. If you don’t know where to start with writing a successful ban appeal, don’t sweat it. DoNotPay can help you draft a demand letter with strong arguments that will hopefully get your account unbanned. All you need is to follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay
  2. Find the Unban My Account tool
  3. Answer a few questions related to your account
  4. Click Sign and Submit

That’s it. The app will draft your personalized letter and send it to Tinder immediately. The letter includes a two-week deadline for Tinder to make the final decision. This ensures that your request doesn’t go unnoticed and that you don’t end up waiting forever for the response. If you were discriminated against by Tinder based on your race, color, national origin, religion, disability, sex, and veteran status, DoNotPay can help you fight back.

Get Unbanned From Other Platforms With DoNotPay

Getting suspended or banned from different platforms can be frustrating, especially when the reason is not clear. What’s more disappointing is taking your time to learn how to get unbanned and file your appeal just to have it ignored.

That’s why DoNotPay is here—to help you file an appeal that gets a response within a predetermined time limit. From gaming accounts to online marketplaces, you can use DoNotPay to get unbanned.

Once you subscribe to DoNotPay, use the Unban Gaming Account for gaming platforms and Unban My Account tool for any other site. Note that we can help you with the original ban or suspension, not the company’s final verdict.

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