Make Tiki Tango Reservations Easy and Risk-Free

Burner Card For Reservations Make Tiki Tango Reservations Easy and Risk-Free

Make Tiki Tango Reservations the Risk-Free Way

Whether you're an Atlanta tourist or a local resident, making a reservation at Tiki Tango might be on your bucket list. This Midtown Atlanta gem is a hideaway oasis with three distinct levels of fun and "tiki delight." An afternoon or night out at Tiki Tango is fun for everyone, from the Tango Room to the Tiger's Den.

But before you bust out your own hula skirt, you'll want to make sure you have a table or cozy spot for everyone in your party, and that requires a Tiki Tango reservation. But not all reservation policies are the same. Some require credit card information to hold a table. Others have hidden fees or extra charges should you cancel or not show up on your reserved date and time.

Sharing credit card information online or over the phone can be risky. And if you aren't sure about the Tiki Tango policies, it could make you a little hesitant to book. You just want nothing more than to gather with friends for island-inspired bar fare, tropical craft drinks, and maybe even a little dancing. But you hate having to use your own credit card just to make sure there's room for your pals.

Keep reading. DoNotPay may have you enjoying the Tiki Tango patio without the risks associated with making reservations using your own credit card.

Have You Tried Tiki Tango?

Believe it or not, Tiki Tango is quite possibly the best cocktail bar in Midtown Atlanta. In many reviews and among regulars, it's the "most fun bar" to enjoy. Check out the website to see upcoming events, specials, and "Tiki News."

You'll be ready to get your island vibes tuned up just browsing online. But you truly have to see this iconic hotspot in person.

  • Address: 57 13th Street, Atlanta, GA 30309
  • Hours of Operation: Wednesday-Thursday: 5 PM- 12 AM, Friday-Saturday: 5 PM - 2 AM
  • Tiki Tango on Facebook
  • Tiki Tango on Instagram

Does Tiki Tango Allow You to Book Reservations

When you're ready to book your Tiki Tango reservations, there are a few things to know. You are not required to make reservations at all, and staff welcomes walk-ins which is great for impromptu fun. But if you're planning an event or want to guarantee your spot at one of the unique corners of the bar, it's best to make the Tiki Tango reservation.

Guests are required to be at least 21-years-old. There are Tiki Tango booking options directly on the website that direct through OpenTable. And for semi-private or private events, there are additional steps to follow.

Do You Need a Credit Card to Make Tiki Tango Reservations

Your initial concern about booking a Tiki Tango reservation involves the risks associated with using your personal credit card to do so. If you book using the website link, you'll be redirected to OpenTable, which won't require a credit card. But there's more to know.

Booking Semi-private and Private Events

Tiki Tango Hideaway Oasis does offer private and semi-private space, outdoors and indoors, via the tropical wooden deck area. The bar has dedicated events coordinators to help plan your event. And if you want to go this route, you may be required to use a credit card to hold and reserve your space. When you inquire with the Tiki Tango staff, be sure to ask about cancellation fees and hidden charges.

Booking via OpenTable

You can reserve your spot for your next Tiki Tango adventure and night out using OpenTable. You'll be able to select your seating and guest roster by providing your name and reservation details there. If you have another favorite reservation-booking app, you can explore to see if you can use those for Tiki Tango reservations, as well.

  1. Tablein
  2. Eat App
  3. Yelp Reservation
  4. Resy
  5. Tock
  6. Table Agent
  7. I Know the Chef

Private Event Inquiry

If you want to plan an event that requires reservations and a larger group of friends and family, Tiki Tango allows you to submit a form. A Tiki Tango events coordinator will contact you shortly to discuss your plans.

This form will request information about your fully private event, including:

  • Name and Contact Information
  • Company Details (Work-Related Events)
  • Event Details (Date, Time, Number of Guests)

The Workaround to Avoid Using Your Credit Card for Tiki Tango Reservations

If you're still concerned about using your personal credit or debit card to make Tiki Tango reservations, you'll want to explore workarounds. After all, unexpected events happen that might result in canceling your reservation at the last minute, resulting in lofty charges.

To avoid the risks, you might try to use an expired card or even give up and try to find a different venue altogether. But before you go to all that trouble, DoNotPay has a shortcut to help you avoid the risks of sharing personal data and still book your Tiki Tango reservation.

How DoNotPay Makes Reservations Easy and Risk-Free

If you want the best way to snag your Tiki Tango table without using your own credit card, DoNotPay has you covered. Restaurant reservations used to be accessible and easy for everyone to use. But now, with these payment holding processes, it's tilted the playing field for patrons. We want to make everything about making and planning reservations available to everyone again and without the risky stress on your finances.

With the DoNotPay Burner Credit Card, you no longer have to share your own credit card information when making Tiki Tango reservations or worry about hidden fees that might show up later.

All you have to do is:

  1. Search "Reservation Credit Card" on DoNotPay.


  2. Tell us the name of the hotel, restaurant, or other services you want to use this card for.

DoNotPay will generate an independent virtual credit card number that you can use to bypass the verification for the reservation. Enjoy your reservation without worrying about unexpected fees!

DoNotPay's Burner Reservation Cards Are Perfect for Any Restaurant 

You'll be glad to also know, DoNotPay doesn't just help with Tiki Tango reservations. Check out some of these other dining favorites at which you can use the Burner Credit Card product to finalize reservations.

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DoNotPay Will Be the Only Way You Book Reservations

DoNotPay's burner card works so well, you'll love how it's:

  • Fast—You don't have to risk giving your own credit card numbers
  • Easy—You don't have to struggle to find a way around providing your own credit card information just to secure a reservation
  • Successful—You can rest assured knowing we'll get your reservation booked

DoNotPay Can Do So Much More Than Just Book Dinner Plans

DoNotPay realized people have so many complex and unfun tasks on their to-do lists, not just Tiki Tango reservations. And there's a product designed specifically to help you take care of a wide variety of undesirable efforts you have to make. Check out how to:

  1. Connect with any customer service department
  2. See what else you can do with burner phones
  3. Explore credit card options
  4. Cancel unwanted or unused subscription services
  5. File a company complaint

Get your tropical outfit and accessories together and make your Tiki Tango reservations todayDoNotPay can help if you need to avoid using your personal debit or credit card details to reserve your spot, too!

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