How to Contact Thames Water Customer Service Fast

Jump the Phone Queue for Any Company How to Contact Thames Water Customer Service Fast

Contact Thames Water Customer Service Team Easily 

Most U.K. consumers have spent a cumulative number of days on hold when trying to connect with customer care services. Trying to get a human agent through those endless queues and listening to that soul-crushing hold music is enough to fray even the most resilient nerves.

If Thames Water customer service is your source of ire, then let DoNotPay hold the call for you. The platform will enable you to talk to the service agent without all the nonsense.

Thames Water is the biggest water and sewage company in the U.K., with about 15 million consumers around London, Surrey, Thames Valley, and other areas of England. This figure represents about 27% of the U.K. population. Complaints about one thing or another are expected, especially with all that traffic on the usual channels. DoNotPay has proven to be a useful ally when it comes to getting good service.

Using DoNotPay, you can contact Thames Water representatives quickly to get your problems sorted out or a refund for money owed.

Common Reasons People Contact Thames Water for Support

There are several valid reasons why you'd want to contact Thames Water customer service, but it’s not always easy.

Most complaints are due to:

  • Interruptions to the water supply
  • Reduced water pressure within the distribution system
  • Dirty water from faucets and pipes
  • Mishandling of an individual or commercial account query
  • Perceived disputes over costs and conditions for water mains reports
  • The charges paid to the company for a reconnection
  • Problems with the deposit requirements and charges for connecting a sewer

Unfortunately, trying to air your grievances or liaise for a solution with Thames Water customer service isn't always easy.

Thames Water Support Contact Number and Email

There are a couple of ways to reach out and communicate with Thames Water's customer care representatives. Whether you're highlighting a concern, complaining about services or lack thereof, or following up on a previously broached issue, there are channels through which this is done:

Thames Water Support/FAQ SiteContact Page
Thames Water Phone Number (Account or Bill)0800 980 8800
Thames Water Phone Number (Water or Wastewater Needs)0800 316 9800
Thames Water Social Media


Helping With Your Account or Bill

Settling account arrears or clearing up bill payments can get heated, more so when dealing with expired due dates or non-reflecting transactions. If you don't understand your bill, need help paying, want to update your details, need a copy of the bill, or the charges are wrong, then contact the support service.

Use the following channels for this purpose:

  1. Call us using our official call line 0800 980 8800. This line is open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. You can reach us from 8 am up to 6 pm on Saturday
  2. You can have a chat with us throughout the week. Typically, this is from 8 am to 9 pm during weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm on the weekends. You can do this using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Assisting With Water or Wastewater Needs

You can sort out your water supply issues through these communication lines; these include no or low pressure, issues on water quality, and water hardness. Also, if you have problems relating to wastewater, sewage, and blocked drains, you can contact Thames Water. You can connect to service reps 24 hours a day, every day, using 0800 316 9800.

Other Ways to Address Thames Water Service Complaints

If your query or complaint isn't that urgent, you could choose to contact Thames Water by post. Any complaints, feedback, and inquiries can be addressed to:

Thames Water

P.O. Box 436


SN38 1TU

In addition to postal communication, you may also communicate with the service agents via email. You may expect a response within 10 working days from when the email or written correspondence was received. Any response may be made by phone or by writing.

Depending on the gravity of the matter at hand, you may choose to reach out to Thames Water by the corporate office:

Thames Water Utilities Limited

Clearwater Court, Vastern Road

Reading, England RG1 8DB

United Kingdom

Get in Touch With Thames Water Customer Service Using DoNotPay

Thames Water is one of the biggest sewage and water services companies in the United Kingdom. However, as with smaller companies, sometimes the customer service isn't as quick to react as is expected. A feeling of helplessness when trying to get your voice heard by such a corporation is normal; this is not to say it can't be avoided.

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