How to Get a Texas Traffic Ticket Dismissal

Dispute Traffic Tickets How to Get a Texas Traffic Ticket Dismissal

How Do I Get My Traffic Ticket Dismissed in Texas?

Texas is a beautiful, sprawling state located in the Central Southern heart of the United States. As of 2019, a total of 29 million people are proud to call Texas their home state. That officially makes Texas the 2nd most populated state in the country behind California. Along with that size of a population means lots of traffic, and with the traffic come lots of traffic tickets that are handed out each year in the state of Texas. If you are out on the roads, you might be one of those people who has been the recipient of a ticket while driving in Texas.

Whether you were cited for speeding, failure to yield to a stop sign/red light, or making an unsafe lane change, you are undoubtedly frustrated and annoyed that you were given a ticket that probably cost you several hundred dollars. If you don't believe you were doing anything wrong, you are probably even more perturbed that you were cited for something that you don't think you were in the wrong for. Many motorists feel this way each year when they are cited for a traffic violation. Don't worry, you are not alone if you have these feelings.

DoNotPay is a great way to help you dispute your Texas traffic ticket in order to get it dismissed. Not only will getting your ticket dismissed save you several hundred dollars, but it can also help you keep your driving record clean (and for some people that can help them keep their job as well). All you have to do is provide us with some basic information and we are happy to help draft a letter to the court on your behalf explaining why the ticket needs to be dismissed immediately.

Types of Traffic Tickets in Texas

You can get a wide variety of traffic tickets or moving violations while living in the state of Texas. However, most traffic tickets in Texas fall into one of two categories:

  1. Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are those pesky tickets you get when you might have a lapse in judgment and decide to park for convenience over legality. Maybe you decide to take a quick park in a fire lane or in a no-parking zone on a street while you run into a store to grab something, you would get a parking ticket.

  1. Moving Violations

On the other hand, if you decide to go 45 in a 25 mph zone, you will get a moving violation rather than a parking fine. The same goes for if you are caught driving without headlights at night or making an unsafe lane change. These are all examples of moving violations. Other moving violations may include not wearing a seat belt or not having a minor child put in their car seat the right way for safety and security.

The following are some common tickets that you might find yourself getting if you reside in Texas:

  • speeding in a work zone with workers present/school zone
  • changing lanes, not safe
  • driving at night without headlights
  • failure to establish financial responsibility
  • failure to obey traffic control devices
  • HOV lane violations
  • driving with an invalid/revoked license
  • driving without a driver's license
  • no registration receipt for a commercial truck/trailer
  • running a red light/stop sign
  • seatbelt violations (different fines for different ages - more expensive fines for not making children wear seatbelts)

These are just some of the types of tickets that you can receive in Texas when you are in violation of traffic laws. You may even get a ticket that you don't feel that you deserve. If that happens, the good news is that you can challenge that ticket and not pay the money that you feel that you shouldn't have to pay.

If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket by the Texas Highway Patrol, you can look up traffic tickets or get further information on the citation through the Department of Public Safety:

Texas Department of Public Safety Contact Information
WebpageDPS Customer Service
Online SearchCitation Lookup

How Do I Get My Traffic Ticket in Texas Dismissed on My Own?

If you get a parking ticket or moving violation in the state of Texas, and feel that it is not fair, you can always challenge the decision to ticket you. You will have to oppose the ticket through a court of law in order to be acquitted of the infraction.

To do this, the following are steps that you will have to take in order to contest your traffic ticket in Texas:

  1. Fill Out Forms: You will need to fill out your "Traffic Citation Reply Form" to respond to the fact that you were ticketed and to include information about how you wish to proceed moving forward.
  2. Get the Form to the Right Location: You will need to mail the form to the appropriate location in order to have your response filed with the county in which you reside. You will need to find the local court in the county in which you reside in order to find the right address and send the form to the right place.
  3. Choose an Appropriate Court Date: If you choose not to pay the fine, you will have to either attend the court date on your traffic ticket or contact the court to rearrange a date that works for you.
  4. Wait for Confirmation: You will have to wait to hear confirmation from the court on what date you are scheduled to have a hearing. They will respond within a specified amount of time and you will have to wait to hear if the dates and times you requested are available. You will hear within five (5) business days of your scheduled trial date if you are approved for the date and time slot requested.
  5. Call for Questions: If you need any more information about your trial date, you can always call your local branch of the court for more information about your specific trial details.

These are the steps that you will have to take in order to set a trial date after you refuse to pay your traffic ticket in Texas. Going to court to contest your traffic ticket can be a long and arduous process. Many people will find it frustrating that they can't get through the process in a timely manner. Others find that it wastes too much time going through all these steps simply to contest a ticket that they feel they shouldn't have to pay.

DoNotPay Can Help You Contest Your Traffic Ticket in Minutes

If you wish to contest a traffic ticket that you have received in Texas and get it dismissed, DoNotPay can help. All you have to do is use our simple AI tool to challenge the ticket that you received.

Follow these 5 simple steps to get started:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay and go to the Ticket Disputes category. Select the correct product based on your traffic ticket.


  2. Upload a photo of your citation.


  3. Provide us with some details on why you believe the citation issued is a mistake.


  4. Select whether or not you want the letter mailed to the traffic ticket issuer on your behalf! 
  5. That’s it! You’ll receive an appeal letter that contains state vehicle codes to boost your case.


DoNotPay to draft a letter about your refusal to admit guilt to a traffic ticket. We will either send you a copy of the letter to send to your local court, or we can send it directly to your local court for you. You decide what works best for you and we send the letter and do all of the work.

DoNotPay allows you to successfully fight traffic tickets in:

  1. New York City
  2. Los Angeles
  3. California
  4. Las Vegas

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay can help you with a variety of different tasks in your daily life. Our goal is to help you save both time and money on tasks that you would otherwise spend more time and money on.

Some of the following are other ways DoNotPay helps its customers:

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