The Essentials of the Texas DMV Power of Attorney

Create a Power of Attorney The Essentials of the Texas DMV Power of Attorney

Texas DMV Power of Attorney—All the Details in One Place

If you need a Texas DMV power of attorney, you are about to learn that the process of obtaining it is a bit complicated. DoNotPay provides you with all the relevant information you need regarding this POA. Our app can also help you make any durable power of attorney in a matter of minutes!

What Is a Limited DMV Power of Attorney in Texas?

A limited DMV POA transfers specific powers for handling motor vehicle transactions from a grantor (often referred to as a principal) to a third party, called a grantee or an agent. The document gives the agent the following rights:

  • Full power of substitution—The person who is given this power of attorney may delegate their authority further to another individual to act in their place by a substitute power of attorney
  • Complete authority to perform every act necessary
  • Permission to transfer, purchase, and assign the legal title of the motor vehicle

A power of attorney for the Texas DMV comes in a specific form—VTR-271. Make sure you fill it out correctly and add the signatures of both parties in blue or black ink. You should not make any changes to the form and must attach a photocopy of photo IDs of the principal and agent.

If you want to complete a title assignment on a motor vehicle subject to federal odometer disclosure, you will need to complete a separate form. It is a power of attorney for transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle or Form VTR-271-A.

Where Can You Find a Texas DMV Power of Attorney Forms?

To find a power of attorney form for motor vehicles in Texas, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website
  2. Click on Forms
  3. Type in VTR-271 in the search field
  4. Open the form and fill it out

What To Include in Your Power of Attorney for Motor Vehicles in Texas

When filling out a POA for the DMV in Texas, include the information listed in the table below:

Vehicle InformationGrantor and Grantee Information
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • License plate number
  • Model
  • Year
  • Body style
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Middle name
  • Address
  • City
  • County
  • ZIP code

Both parties must sign the document and add the creation date.

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Notarizing a DMV POA is mandatory in most states, including Texas. You don’t need to visit a notary’s office in person and waste your precious time on this tedious administrative chore. DoNotPay connects you with an online notary who can certify your power of attorney or any other document over a video call.

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What Other Powers of Attorney Are Available in Texas?

Powers of attorney have a wide purpose, and you can use them whenever you need help with handling your affairs, whether you are temporarily unavailable or otherwise incapacitated. Here are the common power of attorney types in Texas and throughout the States:

  • General POA—This document gives broad decision-making rights to the agent, but the agreement ends if the principal becomes mentally or physically disabled
  • Financial POA—This POA allows the agent to deal with the principal’s financial matters (taxes, mortgage payments, or paychecks, for example)
  • Limited POA—This POA gives the agent limited authorization and allows them to have powers during a specific period or over particular matters
  • Springing POA—The agent is granted powers only when the principal becomes unable to make decisions on their own due to a disability
  • Durable POA—This POA is in effect the moment the document is signed. The agent has the authorization to make various decisions on the principal’s behalf even when the principal becomes incapacitated

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