How To Break A Lease For Termites In The Apartment

Break My Lease How To Break A Lease For Termites In The Apartment

How To Break A Lease For Termites In The Apartment?

Termites can damage furniture, wooden structures, and books. If your apartment or rental property has a termite infestation, you may be able to break your lease. You can break your lease in certain states if you find termites in your apartment.

We will help you determine if you can break your lease for termites in your apartment. You may also have questions, such as:

DoNotPay makes it simple to break a lease over termites in your apartment from your web browser or mobile phone.

Can I Break My Lease Because of Termites?

Depending on your state, you may be legally protected if you break your lease because of termites. In several states, it is part of the landlord's responsibility to eliminate pests like termites, bed bugs, and rodents. If the landlord does not address the issue in these states, you may break the lease due to poor habitability.

Landlords are legally obligated to remedy termite infestations in several states, including California, New York, Oregon, and Colorado.

In most cases, the landlord bears most of the responsibility for termite infestations. Some states allow for certain exceptions, including:

  • Tenant obligations defined in the lease agreement.
  • Single-family units.
  • Infestations caused by the tenant.

You can learn more about your state landlord-tenant protections in the table below. DoNotPay takes the guesswork out of determining if you can break your lease without penalty.

How to Break Your Lease by State

There are various legal reasons to break a leaseEach state has different legally valid reasons to break a lease. You can learn more about breaking a lease in your state below:

TexasCaliforniaNew York
IllinoisNorth CarolinaOhio
GeorgiaVirginiaWashington State
ColoradoNew JerseyPennsylvania
South CarolinaMinnesota Alabama
Washington DCKansasKentucky
LouisianaNew MexicoArkansas
HawaiiUtahWest Virginia
New HampshireNebraskaMaine
IdahoSouth DakotaNorth Dakota
VermontRhode IslandMississippi

Can You Break a Lease Due to Termites in Your Apartment on Your Own?

Breaking your lease on your own because of a termite infestation can be moderate to extremely difficult, depending on several factors. The primary factor is if your state obligates the landlord to remedy termites. If your landlord is obligated to remedy termite infestations, you may be legally protected if you break your lease.

If You Are Legally Protected in Your State

If your landlord is obligated to remedy pest issues in your state, such as termite infestations, follow these steps before breaking your lease:

  1. Send a demand letter requesting the landlord remedy the termite infestation. You will need to give the landlord a reasonable time to act before moving to the next step. Typically, 3 to 7 days, depending on the state.
  2. If the landlord refuses to address your termite problem in a reasonable time, you can send a lease termination notice. The lease termination notice must be delivered to the landlord within your state's notice period based on the type of rental agreement you have.
  3. Your landlord should respond to your lease termination notice within two weeks.

DoNotPay can help you send a demand letter to your landlord and send a lease termination notice on your behalf. If your landlord must mitigate damage, we will also remind them of their legal obligation to take reasonable actions to rent the room after you leave.

If You Are Not Legally Protected in Your State

If your state does not obligate the landlord to remedy pest infestations or your lease agreement dictates the responsibility to the renter, don't panic. Breaking your lease with a hardship letter is your next best option. You may be able to negotiate a mutual lease termination with the landlord.

A hardship letter works best if you have built a good relationship with your landlord. You may have a family death, job loss, divorce, or other issues that the landlord will sympathize with. Write a letter explaining why you cannot continue to uphold your end of the lease. DoNotPay can send a hardship letter on your behalf and help you negotiate the best deal possible with your landlord.

Termites in Your Apartment? Break Your Lease With DoNotPay

If you have termites in your apartment, most states will allow you to terminate the lease with a lease termination notice. If writing demand letters and notices are not your strength, DoNotPay can help you. We generate the notice and help you break your lease without penalty.

Here's how you can get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search Break My Lease on DoNotPay.


  2. Prepare a signed copy of your lease that you can use as a reference and enter the state the lease was signed in.


  3. Let us guide you through the 4 potential options.


  • If you're a uniformed servicemember breaking a lease to fulfill your service obligations, we'll send your landlord an SCRA Protection Letter.
  • If you're breaking your lease for a reason protected by your state's tenant laws, we'll write your landlord a letter detailing your protections for breaking the lease under the relevant law.
  • If your reasons for breaking your lease aren't protected by federal or state law, but you'd like to try to convince your landlord to let you break the lease through mutual agreement, we'll draft a hardship letter making your case to your landlord.
  • If there are no remaining options for breaking the lease with protection, but your state requires landlords to mitigate damages to tenants who break their leases, we'll notify your landlord of that obligation and minimize the remaining rent you have to pay.

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