About the Tennessee Property Tax Homestead Exemption

Reducing Property Taxes About the Tennessee Property Tax Homestead Exemption

A Breakdown of the Tennessee Property Tax Homestead Exemption

Understanding your property taxes as a citizen of Tennessee is the jumping-off point to lowering them. Even though Tennessee is one of the states with low property taxes, that doesn’t mean you don’t need help paying them. One strategy you can try out is checking whether you are eligible for property tax exemptions.

The homestead exemption can be particularly tricky as it has different meanings. We’ll show you the ropes regarding the Tennessee property tax homestead exemption and help you save money on taxes!

The Homestead Exemption Explained

A homestead exemption has two meanings. One is a homestead property tax exemption, which applies to homeowners who live in that home as their primary residence. Officially living in the home you own may qualify you for a property tax exemption or be a requirement for other exemptions, such as those for senior citizens or people with disabilities.

Another meaning of homestead is connected to filing for bankruptcy. The Tennessee homestead exemption protects the equity of your home in case of bankruptcy. This way, you can liquidate the non-exempt assets, repay your creditors, and keep a portion of your property intact. Depending on other factors, such as your age, marital status, and the number of dependents, the amount you can claim in the homestead exemption varies. It can go from $5,000 to $20,000.

Tennessee Property Tax Exemptions That Include Homestead

Tennessee offers various property tax relief programs that would either exempt, pay, or reimburse a portion of property taxes on your primary residence (homestead).

You may qualify for the following exemptions:

  1. Low-income homeowners who are senior citizens
  2. Disabled homeowners
  3. Disabled veterans and their widow(er)s 

The state of Tennessee also has a property tax freeze program for homeowners who are 65 or older and have a low income. In 2021, your home and no more than five acres can be frozen. This doesn’t mean that it will affect the assessment values, but that your due tax amount will freeze—i.e., it will not be increased.

All programs require you to live in your primary residence.

Elderly Low-Income Homeowners

If you are 65 years of age or older and your yearly income doesn’t exceed the limit the state sets forth, you may qualify for the elderly low-income homeowner exemption. In 2020, the income of applicants wasn’t supposed to surpass $30,700.

Disabled Homeowners

Totally and permanently disabled homeowners can apply for the disabled homeowner tax relief. Besides being a person with a disability, you shouldn’t have income that exceeds the set amount.

Disabled Veterans and Their Widow(er)s

Veterans can qualify for the disabled veterans’ tax relief if they:

  1. Served in the U.S. armed forces
  2. Were honorably discharged
  3. Acquired a disability during the service (e.g., paraplegia or permanent paralysis)
  4. Have a 100% permanent total disability due to being a prisoner of war as determined by the U.S. veterans’ administration

If a disabled veteran who was eligible for the tax relief passes away, the relief will be extended to the surviving spouse as long as they don’t remarry.

Other Tax Reduction Methods in Tennessee

Regardless of whether you are eligible for a certain exemption, there are steps you can take to reduce your property taxes before, after, and even during your Tennessee property tax assessment. Here’s an overview of what you can do:


Key Details

Be present and walk alongside the tax assessor during the in-person property tax assessment
  • Ask questions
  • Check for signs of unfair calculations
Plan your home renovations wisely
  • Avoid doing renovations right before your assessment so that you don’t increase your home’s value
Review your property tax bill
  • Contact the tax assessor if you have any questions about your bill
  • File a property tax appeal with DoNotPay’s help if you believe your home was overassessed

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  2. Property assessment appeals
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    • Tips for negotiating with your local tax assessor
    • Methods of gathering evidence for the appeal

How To Receive DoNotPay’s Personalized Property Tax Guide

To gain access to your guide, all you have to do is follow these instructions:

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