What Are Tenant Rights Regarding Damp and Mold In the UK?

Landlord Protection What Are Tenant Rights Regarding Damp and Mold In the UK?

What Are Tenant Rights Regarding Damp and Mold In the UK?

Tenants everywhere have long struggled with unreasonable landlords. One major concern is those who refuse to properly take care of damp conditions and growing mould. When it comes to  fall under both safe and satisfactory conditions and health and safety checks. 

Understanding all of your tenant's rights is important. No matter what question you have regarding your tenancy, DoNotPay can help answer them.

Can I End My Tenancy Early Due to Damp and Mould Conditions?

Yes, you are able to  have not been properly handled. Your landlord is obligated to keep a tidy place that is safe and free from any health hazards. These types of conditions do not fit the bill and allow you to leave to protect yourself.

However, it is wise to note that you must have made a reasonable effort to request their assistance. You should have communicated with your landlord via mail or email, spoken with your local council, and attempted legal action to be able to leave at no fault of your own.

How Can I End It?

You can end your tenancy by written notice. Let the landlord know that because they have failed to provide sanitary and healthy conditions, you are obligated to leave for your own safety.

A template of the letter might instruct you to include:

  1. Your name and contact information
  2. The date of the letter
  3. The original date the lease was intended to end
  4. Your reasoning for ending your tenancy

What Basic Rights Do All UK Renters Have?

There are numerous basic tenant's rights in the UK. With regard to dampness and mould, the following rights apply:

  • The right to live with satisfactory and safe conditions within the property you're renting.
  • The right to have routine health and safety checks performed by the landlord to ensure no hazards are present.

Some additional rights include:

  • The right to have your landlord's contact information.
  • The right to live without landlord disturbances. (i.e. no notice of visits)
  • The right to not have unfair increases in rent.
  • The right to challenge high charges.

Process for Making a Landlord Complaint

To make a complaint regarding your landlord not handling the mould and damp conditions, you should begin by taking photos. Be sure the date feature is turned on so the precise day on which it was taken is recorded. Have documents showing that you attempted to request your landlord handled it, and what type of response they gave.

Once you have your information collected, you should report it to your local council's environmental health department. They may perform a home visit to check the conditions for themselves before speaking with the landlord. If they do not agree with your complaint, you can take legal action instead and hope for better results.

Here’s a summary of the documents you should have in hand when you make the complaint:

LettersIf you write to your landlord, keep copies and get tracking for the post. You should keep an ongoing record of every written correspondence from your landlord or yourself.
PhotographsTake photographs of any damages or repairs that need to be dealt with by your landlord. This will allow you to keep a running record of how the damages increase because of their resistance to repairing it.
ReceiptsIf you have a leaky tap and end up replacing it yourself because the landlord doesn't take care of it, keep receipts. This will show proof that you have tried to work with them on it and may help if you need to be reimbursed for it.
GP LettersFor this, if there is something in your flat that is making you sick and your landlord isn't repairing it, letters can help you prove your case if it goes to court. Their notes will work in your favour to potentially get compensation for your medical bills.
Tenancy AgreementYour tenancy agreement will show what repairs you are responsible for and which ones your landlord is supposed to handle. If there is nothing in it that says you are responsible for the repairs you are dealing with, it proves that your landlord agreed to take care of them.

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Allow DoNotPay to Help You With Your Dispute

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