The Ins and Outs of a Temporary Power of Attorney

Create a Power of Attorney The Ins and Outs of a Temporary Power of Attorney

Everything You Need To Know About a Temporary Power of Attorney

You can choose from various types of power of attorney documents, depending on your requirements and circumstances. A temporary power of attorney can ensure that your finances or other important matters are taken care of for a specific period.

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The Basics of a Temporary Power of Attorney

A temporary power of attorney (POA)—also known as a limited power of attorney—is a legal agreement between the principal and the agent. For a specific period, the principal transfers the decision-making authority regarding legal or business matters to the agent. As soon as the defined period ends, a power of attorney expires.

A temporary power of attorney is different from durable power of attorney in that it is time-limited and does not stay effective for a longer period, especially if a principal becomes incapacitated.

When Do You Need a Temporary Power of Attorney?

Common situations that can require a temporary power of attorney include:

  1. Being unavailable to sign business documents—If the principal is on vacation or traveling abroad, they can authorize someone to sign business documents in their absence
  2. Putting a child into temporary care—If a child’s parents have to leave the country for a while, they can grant temporary power of attorney to a family member or a close friend. This will allow the agent to make health or educational decisions for the child
  3. Acting on behalf of a minor—If a child is a minor and unable to make legal decisions themselves, the parents can act as temporary decision-makers until the kid reaches the legal adult age
  4. Handling real estate and investments—The agent has the right to buy and sell property or investments within a specific period

The Process of Creating a Temporary Power of Attorney

To create a temporary power of attorney, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Identify the potential candidates
  2. Talk to them to ensure that they understand their future responsibilities
  3. Compose the document or hire a lawyer to do it for you
  4. Read the document thoroughly to confirm there are no errors
  5. Sign the document and get it notarized by a notary public

A temporary power of attorney letter typically entails the following information:

  • The names and addresses of the principal and the agent
  • The duties and authorities assigned to the agent by the principal
  • Effective date and duration of the agreement

Ways To Create a Power of Attorney Document

In case you need to create a power of attorney document, here are a few ways to make it:

Ways To Make the DocumentBrief Explanation
Do it yourselfSearch for templates online, check the state-specific laws, and create the document yourself
Hire a lawyerConsult a lawyer and request them to make it for you. It might seem like the most viable option, but their fees can be sky-high
Use DoNotPaySubscribe to our app, answer a few questions, and get the document instantly

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Other Types of Power of Attorney

Do you need help in creating other types of powers of attorney? Take a look at the list below to see your options:

  1. General POA—For all legal and business matters, the agent acts on behalf of the principal
  2. Springing POA—This agreement becomes effective if a specific incident occurs, like the principal becoming mentally incapacitated
  3. Financial POA—The agent makes financial decisions on behalf of the principal

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